Superstar Live Brings Back Great Memories

NBC revival rocked

April 2, 2018

-Anthony Behar USA Today

If my Facebook feed was any indication, a lot of people were watching Sunday night's live production of Jesus Christ Superstar on NBC. Wow! What a flash from the past!

When I was a kid, the soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar was on the charts. There was even a cover of "I Don't Know How To Love Him" by Helen Reddy, of all people.

But my memories of that album originate in my older brother Pat's bedroom. He had the 2 record set, with the brown cover and the booklet that included all the lyrics. Even though I was just a runt and Pat was 9 years older than me, he said I could listen to his stereo any time I wanted. I recall lounging on his bed  (which was made, unlike mine), and following along through all four sides of the record...singing along even though I couldn't hit a lot of the notes.

I eventually bought my own copy of the album at a rummage sale, and own it on CD, but didn't have to follow along with lyrics while watching the John Legend/Sarah Bareilles version! I was singing along--especially to my favorite songs, including Hosanna Hey-Zanna, Look At All My Trials and Tribulations, and What's the Buzz (Tell Me What's Happening.)

I thought John Legend was great as Jesus, Sarah Bareilles was more than adequate as Mary Magdalene, but I was most impressed with Tony winner Brandon Victor Dixon. You could tell he was a stage veteran, and had an amazing voice.

And what of Alice Cooper as King Herod? Well watch below and decide for yourself.