Surprise! It's Ringo!

2 Beatles Better than One!

July 15, 2019

2015 File Photo, Getty Images

The only thing that could have made Paul McCartney's Kohl Center concert any better than it was---if he brought his old bandmate Ringo on stage like he did Saturday night.

The crowd understandably freaked out when Sir Paul made the announcement near the end of the concert, saying "We've got a surprise for everyone, RINGO STARR!"

The Beatles drummer, who just turned 79 a week ago played on a stripped down kit along with regular McCartney drummer, Abe Laboriel, Jr. He drummer for two songs, Sgt Pepper (reprise) and Helter Skelter.

McCartney's Saturday show at Dodger Stadium was the final of his Freshen Up tour, which made two stops in Wisconsin in June.