It's Swatting Time Again

July 9, 2018

You're not imagining things. The summer of 2018 is turning into one of the worst mosquito years in recent memory.

Thanks to recent rains, we're facing what seems like zillions of mosquitoes. In fact, here in Wisconsin, we have 60 different species of mosquitoes, and the ones that are bugging us this year are flood water mosquitoes.Here's a fun fact for you: flood water mosquitoes can fly long distances--as many as 5-10 miles away from water. 

The Madison/Dane County Department of Public Health has some tips for prevent mosquito bites:

     Limit time spent outside at dawn and dusk, when mosquitoes are most active.

    Apply insect repellent to clothing as well as exposed skin since mosquitoes may bite through clothing.

    Make sure window and door screens are in good repair to prevent mosquito entry.

    Properly dispose of items around your property that hold water, such as tin cans, plastic containers, ceramic pots, or discarded tires.

    Clean roof gutters and downspouts for proper drainage.

    Turn over wheelbarrows, wading pools, boats, and canoes when not in use.

    Change the water in bird baths and pet dishes at least every three days.

    Clean and chlorinate swimming pools, outdoor saunas, and hot tubs; drain water from pool covers.

    Trim tall grass, weeds, and vines since mosquitoes use these areas to rest during hot daylight hours.

    Landscape to prevent water from pooling in low-lying areas.


If the mosquitoes already got to you--some home remedies to take out the itch include rubbing the bitten area with toothppaste, chilled aloe vera gel, lemon juice and ice.

Now that you've got mosquitoes on the brain, do you remember this commercial?