WAMI Winners: Madison Connection

Beth Kille, People Brothers Band Among Honorees

April 15, 2019

Amberstein wins Project M 2013

The Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Awards were handed out Sunday night in Milwaukee--and although their focus is generally on Milwaukee area artists, there were some musicians with Madison connections that were honored, so it's only right that we give them some recognition.

Two of our past Project M winners got WAMI's last night.

Amberstein--our winner in Project M 2013 got the award for best alternative rock/rock band. Amberstein is based in Milwaukee but knocked our socks off in an early band edition of Project M.

Jason Moon, who was our Project M winner in 2016, was honored for am amazing project he put together. Warrior Songs, Volume 2. Jason produced the album which tells the stories of United States Women Veterans. 15 songs were created from the first hand testimony of 18 women veterans and two Gold Star Families.   Find out more here. Jason now lives in Arizona but makes his way back to Madison for shows occasionally.

Madison's Lords Of The Trident got the WAMI for best hard rock band. I love what it says on their facebook page under "band interests:"  Barbarians, Warriors on Horseback, Battle, Swords, Axes, Flails, Lightning, Virgins, Robots, Dystopian Futures, Rum, Motorcycles, Knife Fights, Knitting.  Rock on, guys.

The People Brothers Band did Madison proud, bringing home a WAMI for best R& B/Soul band. They'll be on the festival circuit this summer, includin People Fest in August in Hillsboro, Wisconsin.

And a big Triple M pat on the back and congratulations to Beth Kille. In addition to all of her musical projects, she's a tireless advocate for the Madison Area Music Association and the founder of Girls Rock Camp and Ladies Rock Camp.

Congrats to all the WAMI winners! And don't forget voting is still open for the the Madison Area Music Awards.