Wisconsin ripped off on "Most Fun States" List

#21? Seriously?

May 3, 2017

How fun is Wisconsin?

Well if you believe a website called wallethub.com, we're the 21st Most Fun State in the country. The study does give us pretty high marks (#7) for "Nightlife," probably due to access to bars (we have a lot of them), and the price of beer and cocktails (you can almost always find a PBR Tallboy for less than 3 bucks).

I question the methodology used to put us basically in the middle of the pack. Obviously the researchers at Wallet Hub don't realize some of the fun things we do here in the Badger State. Hopefully they will read this blog and boost our score a few notches.


1. Boiling water and throwing it into the air when the temperature is below freezing. And don't forget to take a video on your phone and post for all to see!

2. The freezing of nostril hairs. Nothing is more fun than realizing it's time to thaw out your nose!

3. Deciding which beer to use to pre-cook your brat before putting it on the grill. So many choices!  You may have to drink a few before you pick one.

4. Learning the difference between regular algae and blue green algae. One of them could make you very sick! So instead of going swimming in one of our beautiful lakes, go to a bar.

5. Jumping around when we dance. This is popular not only  at Camp Randall Stadium, but also at wedding receptions with polka bands (but the songs are different).

6. Contemplating the best fish for a fish fry: cod or perch?  Or are you one of those snobby walleye people?

7. Worshipping the Green and Gold, and its corollary, making fun of Bears fans.

8. Oh, and making fun of Illinois tourists who are pulled over on the side of the highway.

9. Enjoying Wisconsin's two seasons--winter, and...wait what was that other one again?  Oh yeah, road construction. The orange cones really add a splash of color to our scenic byways.

10. Listening to Jonathan & Kitty in the Morning can be fun. At least that's what Jonathan's mom told us.