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8 Things You Didn't Know about Bob Dylan

The man who has been called the Spokesman for a generation turns 77 this week. For more than five decades Dylan has been entertaining us, making us think, and often making us raise our eyebrows and say "What the heck?" Here are a few things you may have not known about this rock star poet.,... Read More

Beer Here! Craft Beer Week Picks

So much beer! So little time! Craft beer lovers get absolutely giddy thinking about all the beer they can taste during Madison's Craft Beer Week. No matter which style is your favorite, you'll find something to make your taste buds very happy. Bars, restaurants, grocery stores and liquor stores all... Read More

Record Store Day: Kitty's Picks

Record Store Day is this Saturday! That's the day record companies put out cool, exclusive releases on vinyl, sending them only to independent record stores to give them an extra boost over online retailers and big box stores. This year's list is an eclectic mix of albums, singles, and picture... Read More

2018 MAMA Finalists Announced

Wow! That's a lot of talent! The finalists have been announced for the Madison Area Music Awards , in a plethora of categories. Everything from best accordionist to best male and female vocalist, plus categories for best cover song, sound engineer...the list goes on and on! Triple M is honored to... Read More

Summerfest Announces Side Stage Headliners

Summerfest kicks off on Milwaukee's lakefront June 27th, and they're teasing us with more headliners. Aside from the shows at the American Family Insurance Amphitheater, they haven't announced dates or times for any of the acts. They're giving us just enough information to inspire our dreams of... Read More

Superstar Live Brings Back Great Memories

If my Facebook feed was any indication, a lot of people were watching Sunday night's live production of Jesus Christ Superstar on NBC. Wow! What a flash from the past! When I was a kid, the soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar was on the charts. There was even a cover of "I Don't Know How To Love... Read More

We've Been Doing this HOW Long?

As one of my favorite authors, greeting card writer Mary Engelbreit, once said, "time flies whether you're having fun or not." I have to admit, Jonathan and I have actually been having a lot of fun over the past 19 years. Wait. What? Nineteen years? How could that be? It was March 15, 1999, when... Read More

Sorry, Squirrel, We're Not Hiring

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions about what to write about for today's blog. Sorry Jackie, I will not be writing about the new species of tardigrade that was recently discovered. Yuck! Instead, I will take two of your suggestions and combine them into one blog--interesting people I've met... Read More

Slumber Parties Revisited

It was my birthday the other day, which got me to thinking about birthdays past, and the many slumber parties that I attended. They were great fun, and pretty much the same things happened at all of them. So I present, the Top 5 Things That Happened at a 1970s slumber party: 1. We played Truth or... Read More

Willy Porter & Son New Video

If you've listened to 105.5 Triple M from the beginning, you probably remember Willy Porter, one of Wisconsin's own, and an extremely talented singer, songwriter, and guitar player. These days he lives in Milwaukee and has been performing with the also very talented Carmen Nickerson. Now we can add... Read More