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5 Things You Didn't Know About Alice's Restaurant

It's a Thanksgiving tradition--you have to listen to Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant at least once on Thanksgiving Day. We'll be playing it on Thanksgiving Day at noon and 6pm so tune in! Here are some things you may not know about the song. 1. Topping out at more than 18 minutes, the song as WAY... Read More

Like Bags of Wet Cement

Working in radio, I've been involved with my share of disastrous promotions, but nothing compares to the one that happened in 1978 on WKRP in Cinncinnati. That was a great show--and though exaggerated, it was pretty spot on when it comes to real radio vs. sitcom radio. But no one I know ever really... Read More

Dangerous Toys That Should Have Killed Us

A watch group has come out with its list of the most dangerous toys of 2018, and while they do include some questionable playthings, like a "Marvel Black Panther Slash Claw," they have nothing on the stuff we played with as kids. (See this year's list here ). Here are a few of the things that... Read More

Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 11/11/18

Another fun one this week! "Roadhouse Blues" by Aaron WIlliams and The Hodoo from the album Live Loud Harmony. "You Were Wrong" by the Westside Andy/Mel Ford Band from Live On the Westside. "Oh Darlin'" by the Clyde Stubblefield All-Stars , from a self-titled album. A Beatles cover! "Beautiful... Read More

Local Hour Playlist 11/4/18

Now don't you wish you were listening to this rather than watching the Packer game? "What's He Got" by the Producers. Kyle Henderson of the MTV friendly band now lives in the Madison area. "Money" by Paul Black and the Flip Kings . A live version of the song made popular by the Beatles. "Willin" by... Read More

Local Hour Playlist 10/28

A mix of new and old (and really old) for this week's show. "Just Wanna Play" by the Beth Kille Band from the album Stark Raving Songbird "Awakened" by the Mascot Theory. (See Beth and the Mascot Theory at Flannel Fest on Saturday night). "The Whip" by Locksley from the album Be In Love. East High... Read More

Madison Music Spotlight

Some blues, some jazz, and even some disco on this week's show! Stubb's Relentless Groove," by Clyde Stubblefield . From the album The Original. "Junk In the Trunk" by Paul Filipowitz. From Live! Recorded at the Knuckledown Saloon. "Hey Donald Driver" by Peter Leidy . A tribute to my favorite Green... Read More

Madison Music Spotlight

Hope you enjoyed this week's show! "Push It" by Garbage from the album Version 2.0. Garbage will be at The Sylvee Tuesday night celebrating the 20th anniversary of that album, and playing it in its entirety. "Bitter Rain" by The People Brothers Band from the album "Middle of the In Between." They'... Read More

Madison Music Spotlight

This week's show started off with a classic bit of Triple M history! "You Can't Always Get What You Want," by Luther Allison. This version was recorded live at the Barrymore in 1997 for Triple M's 6th birthday party. Earlier in the day he found out he had inoperable cancer, and passed away the next... Read More

Pheasant Branch Conservancy Benefit Capitol Brewery

One of the most beautiful natural places in the Madison area was severely damaged by flooding, but efforts are underway to restore the Pheasant Branch Conservancy. Officials in Middleton say it will cost as much as 4 million dollars to restore the series of trails and bridges that were used each... Read More