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5 Excellent Mick Jagger Quotes

Happy 76th birthday to Mick Jagger! The Rolling Stone frontman is still killing it on tour this summer, making an amazing comeback after undergoing heart surgery this spring. Thanks to the internet, I found some pretty great quotes from Sir Mick. Maybe they're not quite as outlandish as some stuff... Read More

Is Madison The Best City For Single Men and Women?

Looking for love? A new ranking from Lending Tree says Madison, Wisconsin, is the best city in the US for single men and single women. They ranked the 100 biggest cities by things like the number of single people, job prospects, ability to live a healthy lifestyle, and cultural and entertainment... Read More

Sunflower Days Are Back!

After taking a year off, Sunflower Days are back at Pope Farm Conservancy in the Town of Middleton. It's your chance to gaze in wonderment at 10 1/2 acres of glorious sunflowers, and maybe snap a few pictures. The experience is a bit different this year. They're now charging a $4 admission fee for... Read More

Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 7/21/19

A lot of great tunes from female singer songwriters on this week's show. (Great songs from the guys too!) "Runaway Train" by the Rousers . See them at Atwoodfest Saturday at 3:30pm "North Country" by the North Code. Our Project M winners for 2019! They'll be at Hometown Junction Park in Verona on... Read More

Lunar Tunes 1969

When we were all gazing skyward, or watching the moon landing on our old black and white TV's, there had to be a radio blaring in the background somewhere. Just what were we listening to on that historic day, July 20, 1969, when man first stepped on the moon? I did a little digging (via the... Read More

Surprise! It's Ringo!

The only thing that could have made Paul McCartney's Kohl Center concert any better than it was---if he brought his old bandmate Ringo on stage like he did Saturday night. The crowd understandably freaked out when Sir Paul made the announcement near the end of the concert, saying "We've got a... Read More

Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 7/14/19

How about some hot local music for a hot summer night? "Stand In Love" by Natty Nation . A brand new song! See them at the Memorial Union Terrace Saturday night. "Life Like a Song" by the People Brothers Band. They'll be at the Terrace Saturday night with Natty Nation. "KIng James" by Marques Bovre... Read More

La Fete Preview

You don't have to speak French to enjoy the fun at McPike Park this weekend. It's time once again for La Fete De Marquette--one of the great summer festivals held on the isthmus each summer. It's a celebration of Bastille Day, with plenty of live music, food, frolic (plenty of frolic!) and fun for... Read More

Farm Aid Returns to Wisconsin

For the first time since 2010, and for the second time in its history, Farm Aid will happen in Wisconsin. According to a release, Farm Aid’s annual music and food festival will return to the heart of dairy country on Saturday, Sept. 21, at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wisconsin... Read More

Jonathan's Local Hour Playlist 7/7/19

Jonathan filled in for Kitty on The Local Hour this week. Check out the list of songs he played: "The Gas Is On" by Mark Croft . From the CD Evening Flood. He'll be at the Memorial Union Terrace Thursday night. "Johnny Be Good' by Briana Hardyman. From a new album coming out this fall! " All About... Read More