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Wilile Nelson

Willie Nelson Says He's Done Smoking Weed

Willie Nelson has his own brand of weed, wrote a song and memoir called "Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die," and has been arrested more than once for pot possession. But he says he's given up smoking it. Say what? The 86-year old tells Houston TV station KSAT that he's abused his lungs quite a bit... Read More
Butch Vig and Friends

Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 12/1/19

This week's show gave you a little sneak peak (sneak listen?) to what you'll hear at the Joey's Song benefit at the Barrymore Theatre this Friday night. (Want to win tickets? Click here). "The World Ain't Round" by The And. Catch the reunion of this 80s band at Joey's Song at the Barrymore on... Read More
Wheelhouse at the Willy Street Fair

Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 11/24/19

This week's show featured some Latin jazz, reggae, Americana, and more. Remember, get out and support your favorite local musicians by seeing them live! (Playlist may vary, due to time constraints). "Da Turdy Point Buck" by Bananas at Large. This song that celebrates the Wisconsin hunting tradition... Read More
turkey image

Like Bags of Wet Cement

Working in radio, I've been involved with my share of disastrous promotions, but nothing compares to the one that happened in 1978 on WKRP in Cinncinnati. That was a great show--and though exaggerated, it was pretty spot on when it comes to real radio vs. sitcom radio. But no one I know ever really... Read More
Arlo Guthrie image

5 Things You Didn't Know About Alice's Restaurant

It's a Thanksgiving tradition--you have to listen to Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant at least once on Thanksgiving Day. We'll be playing it on Thanksgiving Day at noon and 6pm so tune in! Here are some things you may not know about the song. 1. Topping out at more than 18 minutes, the song as WAY... Read More

Kitty's Local Hour Playlist for 11/17/19

Sunday night is Local Music Night on 105.5 Triple M! Hope you enjoyed this week's songs. "All Night Long" by Cash Box Kings. From the CD Royal Mint. They play the Crystal Corner Bar Saturday night, "Someday Baby" by The Jimmys. From the album Gotta Have It which came out this year. They're at... Read More

Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 11/10/19

Nothing like hot local music to warm up a winter's night that happens six weeks before winter starts! "Winter Time" by the Steve Miller Band . Steve went to the University of Wisconsin in the early 1960s, and finally got a degree, an honorary one, this year. "Let Love In" by the Lower 5th. See them... Read More

Jack White Makes Video At House On The Rock

It should not be a surprise that Jack White was attracted to the weirdness that is House On The Rock. He and his band the Raconteurs have released a video that was filmed at the Spring Green attraction. It was most likely made back in July when the Raconteurs had a show in Milwaukee. The song "... Read More

Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 11/3/19

Plenty of new music in this week's show! "Coyotes" by Wheelhouse. From a brand new CD! Their album release party is Friday at the Winnebago. Actually there are two shows..and there may still be some tickets available for the 2nd show. "Fixing A Hole" by Corey Mathew Hart. A cover of the Beatles... Read More

Kitty's Spooky Local Hour Playlist for 10/27/19

"Dracula's Variation" from "Dracula A Rock Ballet." Composed by Mike Massey, with musicians including Dave Adler, Biff Blumfumgagne and Jay Moran. "Stupid LIttle Spiders" by Distant Cuzins. From Neeed A Light? "Ghosts of Mifflin" by Sexy Ester. Froma self-titled album. "The Monster" by the Mascot... Read More