The Dirty Heads Want You to Star in Their Next Music Video

All you need to be in the video is your phone

June 26, 2018
The Dirty Heads at the HD Radio Sound Space in Los Angeles

Over the last decade the Dirty Heads have earned themselves an amazingly supportive fan base, due in large part to their So-Cal vibes, reggae roots, hip-hop style, and highly-energized live performances.

And speaking of live shows, the boys are currently on the road in support of their latest album, Swim Team. A handful of tracks off the album are already fan favorites on the road, including "Vacation" and "Celebrate."

While most fans know that the super-emotional music video for "Celebrate" features photographs and memories from the life the band members leave at home when touring, their next music video will take that idea and flip it. In fact, they're literally turning the camera around. That's right, the Dirty Heads want you to star in their next music video. Check out the Facebook post below to find out how you can star in the video for "Visions."     


By the way, this latest track was released well after Swim Team was dropped last year. Maybe that's starting to be a thing DH does, since the guys also released an EP called Dessert less than a year after releasing a self-titled album in 2016.

Meanwhile, if you haven't heard "Visions," check out the official audio below: