Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington

USA Today

Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda Shares Corrected Story on Chester Bennington's Toxicology Report

By: Jon Wiederhorn

December 6, 2017

Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda has posted a message on social media to correct widespread reports that the band’s late frontman Chester Bennington had MDMA (ecstasy) in his system when he took his life in July at the age of 41.

The TMZ story has been corrected and now indicates that the initial test that detected MDMA was determined to be a false positive.

While there was no MDMA in Bennington’s system, the autopsy and toxicology tests detected a small amount of alcohol and Zolpidem (the sleep medication Ambien). A bottle of Zolpidem was also found on Bennington’s dresser.