Local Hour Playlist 11/25/18

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November 26, 2018

Jonathan Suttin filled in for Kitty this week on The Local Hour and featured a bunch of alums from our Project M singer songwriter competition.

"Rock and Roll Machine" by the Family Business, from the album of the same name.

"Ramblin'" by Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo from Live Loud Harmony.

"Dynamite" by Altered Five Blues Band from Gotta Earn It.

"Andy Warhol" by Joey Broyles from a self-titled album.

"Ashes" by Anna Wang. From In Your Head.

"Garden" by Woodrow

"Julia" by NIck Matthews, from Sucker Punch.

"Beautiful You" by Keefe Klug.

"Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes" by Anna Laube, from Equator.

"Austin" by Emerald Grove. From A Hard Fought Autumn.

"The Only One" By Whiskey Farm. From Book of Matches.

"All I Can See" by Sexy Ester. From Sequins, Sins, & Appetite.

"Dancing In the Dark" by Teddy Davenport, from Middle of a Miracle.

"Hey Stranger" by Kerosene Kites. From Float Away.