Arcade Fire Have Some Special Requests for Stephen Colbert

August 2, 2017
Win Butler of Arcade Fire

USA Today

Arcade Fire have some special requests for Stephen Colbert ahead of their Late Show with Stephen Colbert appearance this Thursday, August 3. For starters, he better have that energy drink with “Chemistry” branding visible. And how dare anyone try to speak to band member Richard Reed Parry?!

The list of requests (below) was tweeted by none other than Colbert himself, who thinks the band members are “tools” for sending all these demands. Just kidding. Colbert’s in on the joke.

The latest stunt is just one in a string of incidents where the band is essentially Punking everyone with fake news and spoofs of actual happenings, like that time they ripped on Kendall and Kylie Jenner for selling t-shirts with their faces superimposed on images of other artists. Or that time they demanded a specific dress code at a recent show. It’s all coming from their fake management team at the “Everything Now Corporation.”



Even though the Everything Now album dropped last week, it looks like the EN marketing campaign is still going strong.