LISTEN: Bastille Reimagines Green Day's "Basket Case" for 'The Tick' Title Song

“To be able to work on something that combines superheroes, orchestras, and Green Day was an absolute pleasure,” says Bastille

August 18, 2017
Dan Smith of Bastille

USA Today

Is there anything better than a bold cover? Bastille thinks not, especially after releasing their cover of Green Day’s “Basket Case,” which completely reinvents the classic punk song for the title music to the superhero show, The Tick.

Strings & brass sections give parts of the track an almost Sufjan Stevens or Beirut feel, but frontman Dan Smith’s signature vocals help snap you back to reality to remember that this is, in fact, Bastille you’re listening to.

“We’re massive Green Day fans and so we tried to make a version of ‘Basket Case’ that was totally different from the original, whilst still honoring what an awesome tune it is,” explained Smith in a statement. Operation totally different: accomplished.

Check out Bastille’s refreshing take on “Basket Case” below:

Smith recalls The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” and “countless film scores” as inspiration for the cover. Sound familiar? That’s because their latest album, Wild World, was made to feel like a movie soundtrack.

In our exclusive interview below, find out which Wild World song would be the soundtrack to Bastille’s life.