LISTEN: Billie Joe Armstrong Shares First Clips of Side Project’s New Music

Hear the first sampling of new band The Longshot

April 6, 2018
Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day

USA Today

Last week, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong started teasing a new side project: a band he’s apparently formed called The Longshot. Unsurprisingly, the teasers featured some punk-themed visuals.

Now, the visuals have been set to music, and we can finally get a feel for the band’s overall vibe and sound!

Everyone’s depressed ... #thelongshot

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Gettin Loose! #thelongshot @longshot

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One song, as other Instagrammers note, does sound an awful lot like Green Day's “Longview.” Can’t say we hate it.

Based on The Longshot’s Instagram, it looks like their debut album, Love is for Losers, is going to drop “probably sooner” rather than later. TBD on when that is, but based on the music we heard in the above clips, we’re all about it.