LISTEN: Kick off "Happy Hour" Early with This New Weezer Song

October 18, 2017

© Kobby Dagan | Dreamstime

At the top of the month, Weezer teased that they might share one more song before releasing their forthcoming album, Pacific Daydream, and the band just made good on its promise.

With a little more than a week to go before Pacific Daydream’s release, “Happy Hour” is here! The new song serves as a companion of sorts to 2001’s “Island In the Sun.” You’ll see why after you give it a listen below:

Where the previous Pacific Daydream release “Beach Boys” talked up, well, The Beach Boys, “Happy Hour” mentions Stevie Ray Vaughan. But in typical Weezer fashion, “Happy Hour” is another seemingly light track with heavier, sad lyrics. As the band puts it, it’s “a sad message wrapped in a sunny package.”

If new Weezer is all you’re after, the countdown is on! Pacific Daydream drops October 27.