Microphones Used to Record Nirvana's 'In Utero' Are Set to Be Auctioned

September 15, 2017
Recording studio


Steve Albini, the recording engineer who owns Electrical Audio, is auctioning three microphones from his collection, and those mics just so happen to be the ones used to record Nirvana’s final album, In Utero, at Pachyderm Studios in 1993.

The mics to be auctioned are an Electro-Voice PL20, which recorded Kurt Cobain’s vocals, and 2 Lomo 19A9s, used to record both Cobain’s vocals and Dave Grohl’s drum kit. Interestingly enough, Cobain used the PL20 and one of the 19A9s side-by-side on certain songs and moved his head around while singing to play with the sound, subtly animating his vocals.

Albini, wanting to get the mics into the hands of someone who’d take care of them, contacted the surviving members of Nirvana—Grohl, Pat Smear, and Krist Novoselic—when he realized the historical significance of the equipment, and all three said they should be sold.

Find out more about the microphones and the auction in the interview below:

The Reverb mic auction is set to run from September 21 (In Utero’s 24th anniversary) through September 30. You can find more details here.