Watch Arcade Fire Perform "Creature Comfort" & "Everything Now" on Colbert

August 4, 2017
Win Butler of Arcade Fire

USA Today

After showing their true diva selves, it looks like Arcade Fire’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert performance went without a hitch. But maybe that’s because Colbert seems to have gone along with at least some of the band’s insane requests—peep that Chemistry energy drink branding!

As the episode’s musical guests, Arcade Fire performed two of their latest songs, “Everything Now” and “Creature Comfort,” both sponsored by the Everything Now Corporation—a company that’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you get all the unnecessary material items you need! as fast as possible! at the cheapest price!

See Everything Now Corporation’s fake commercial and both performances below:

Both songs are on Arcade Fire’s recently released Everything Now, which the band is currently touring in support of on their North American tour.