WATCH: MGMT Share Unsettling New "When You Die" Video

December 12, 2017
Vocalist and guitarist Andrew VanWyngarden from US band MGMT performs with his group during the last day of the second edition of the International Festival of Alternative Music Lollapalooza in Santiago de Chile, Chile


MGMT have shared song #2, along with its accompanying video, off the forthcoming album, Little Dark Age. The new one’s called “When You Die,” and it follows the album’s previously released title track.

The Mike Burakoff- & Hallie Cooper-Novack-directed video stars Alex Karpovsky (Ray from HBO’s Girls) as a magician seemingly navigating the afterlife once he's been offed by a fallen stage light.

The song’s lyrics are NSFW, and while there’s not much of it, if blood makes you queasy, consider this your warning.

The details surrounding Little Dark Age have yet to be revealed, but it’s expected to drop in February of 2018.