Portugal. The Man Explain the Importance of a Killer Set List & Praise HDBeenDope [PART 3]

By: Maura O'Malley

April 28, 2017

Can’t get enough Portugal. The Man in parts one and two of our exclusive interview? Neither can we. So we’re gonna keep this party going with one last piece of our three-part PTM interview. Consider it an encore of sorts.

If you’ve never seen Portugal. The Man live, then take our word for it: they’re incredible. And with a catalog of songs that are so different from each other, it’s gotta be tough to not only land on a set list but to land on a set list that keeps the energy at such a high level throughout the show. We asked them about this and were surprised to find their answer taking us all the way to Germany.  

And while we were on the topic of shows, we had to know how their current tour came together with hip-hop artist and all-around amazing performer HDBeenDope. (Seriously—this guy’s good.) This led to a pretty cool story about showcasing local talent, but we’ll let PTM explain:

So, feelin’ some Portugal. The Man after that interview? You’re welcome.

You can catch "Feel It Still" and "Number One" on the band's upcoming album, Woodstock, which will be released June 16th.