Solar Panels

What Wisconsin Businesses Are Doing to Make Themselves More Green

Lots of companies around the country have taken it upon themselves to become more environmentally friendly. Whether it’s in response to climate change or just good business (some two-thirds of consumers now say they’ll pay more for sustainable products), or most likely both, getting more green has...
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The Earth in your hands

Take Our Earth Day Quiz

Happy Earth Day everyone! Hopefully you’re planning to do something that will benefit this planet of ours, because it’s the only one we’ve got. But before you head out to plant a tree, pick up some trash or just generally enjoy the great outdoors, find out how much you actually know about the third...
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Vegetables in a tote bag

7 Easy Things You Can Do This Earth Day to Be More Sustainable

Going green doesn’t require a huge commitment like putting up solar panels or buying an electric car. There are easy things you can do that will cause minimal disruption to your life and minimal pain to your pocketbook. Here are seven easy things you can do starting this Earth Day to go a little...
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