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How to Listen to 105.5 Triple M Online at FAQ

LISTEN LIVE Online on Web or Mobile HERE Welcome to! Download the app now, either via the Apple App Store or Google Play, and listen to 105.5 Triple M and many of your favorite radio stations across the country for free -- anytime, anywhere. Listen to over 230 stations along with over 1,...
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Battle of the Bands at Kilbourn City Live

Our friends at Kilbourn City Live are doing something pretty cool and hosting a Battle of the Bands competition. 105.5 Triple M's very own Jesse Garon will be one of the judges. Your band could open for Smash Mouth, Cracker, and others at Kilbourn City Live on September 30th, plus win $1,000! Here'...
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Did the Rock Hall Get it Right?

In their first year of eligibilty, Pearl Jam gets the acknowledgement of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That's probably not a huge surprise to anyone. According to the Rock Hall, inductees must exhibit unquestionable musical excellence and talent, and must also have had a significant impact on the...
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Kitty reviews Springsteen's book

Not everyone who writes songs can knock out a well-written, readable book. But Bruce Springsteen sure can. Some of the passages of his autobiography, Born to Run, are downright beautiful! I particularly enjoyed the first half of the book, starting with his childhood in New Jersey, living in a...
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Best albums of 2016, picked by Triple M Staff

For a lot of people, 2016 wasn't the best year. But a lot of great music came out in 2016. The Triple M staff was asked to share their favorite from 2016, and it was quite an eclectic mix. Jonathan Suttin : Lake Street Dive "Side Pony" This band was formed at the New England Conservatory of Music...
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10 Awards Bob Dylan has not won...yet

You may have heard that Bob Dylan was just awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, adding to the list off accolades he's received going way back to the 1960's. The Nobel Committee announced that Dylan was chosen for "having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition."...
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Happy National Drink Beer Day!

Happy National Drink Beer Day! Wait, I thought National Beer Day was in April. That's because it is. Today is National Drink Beer Day, which is different. It's also different from International Beer Day (August 5th), American Beer Day (October 27), and National Lager Day (December 10th). Just for...
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Ron Howard's Beatle movie

There's always more to learn about the Beatles. I've been a Beatle fan since I was around 15. I was too young to appreciate the band when Beatlemania first happened, but I got hooked in the mid-1970s. I've read lots of books and articles about my favorite band. I've watched the Beatles Anthology...
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5 Things You Didn't Know abut Steve Winwood

Happy 68th birthday to Steve Winwood, who will be featured along with Stevie Wonder on Friday. A lot of people remember him from his 1980s solo career, when he gave us songs like "Higher Love," "Arc of a Diver," and "When You See A Chance," but his career goes way back to 1963 and the Spencer Davis...
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