Emily and Cam

Cam Kennedy is an Australian based out of Madison Wisconsin, and Emily is his daughter.The lust to make music is in their family DNA, and has included performances all over the world including Spain, Australia, Canada, Columbia, England, Austria, and Scotland.

Emily’s gentle spirit has an attractive innocence, and is magnetic live, and her songs are simple and direct.The lyrical content of the music tends towards existential musings, and the inner life is often on the pallet. A multi instrumentalist,

Cam’s main focus is songwriting, and the acoustic guitar. 


I'd like to just say thank you to Triple M for offering this competition to Madison and the Madison creative musician community. I understand it is quite an endeavor to produce, having viewed the amount of staff that are there at Funks Pub monday night in support. Also I'd like to thank the judges.They have been really constructive, and really helpful, and it's just being a real fun experience.

I've loved creating music with my daughter and this has been the first opportunity we've had to do it ,and so hopefully they'll be more in the future.

Everyone is so talented I really think that at this point anyone could actually win, and I don't envy the judges really because it's sometimes it just seems like it's just a musical taste decision more than anything else.  I really enjoyed listening to others, and meeting new musician friends.

It's also being really fun writing songs with an outcome in mind, because usually I’m writing songs just to please myself, and it's a little harder to focus. Writing with my daughter has acted like working with a muse for me, because I'm trying to write songs that speak to her life and the dynamic that we share..

Have any have any of you died on stage? Well, I did last night. I took a looping pedal to loop up some percussion and chords underneath the song that Emily and I are about to play, but unfortunately we hadn't successfully got the sound right. I think it's possible the sound man might have turned up the levels once we started performing compared to this quick soundcheck we got. Anyway, my loop pedal looped a feedback that was happening in my guitar. Because I had already restarted it once unfortunately, I just felt like the show must go on, and then the feedback loops all the way through the song we performed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was dying, and the sound man was too, because he couldn't find where it was coming from!!!!!! It was from my Loop pedal! Oh no and Hahahahaha all together at once. Hopefully I can recover by next week.

Here is a copy of our lyrics for the song we wrote about obsession. It's about when you love something so much, you try to get as close as you can, but the closer you get, the farther away. I added a little extra crazy to it to counterbalance Emily’s sweet demeanor. So, where is the line between crazy and not?


Unrequited, Emily and Cam


I saw you swinging in the park the other day

Sun in your eyes and the wind in your hair

I loved you

But how can I Love you when we’ve never met;

I saw you again walking with your dog

Flash a smile a conversation

I loved you

But how can I love you we've never met

I want to eat you want to squeeze you too hard

I want to be 10 inches and ride around in your purse

I wish I was your coffee mug or your cigarette

I wanna make a t-shirt out of your hair

It's been 20 years I saw you walking down the stairs

unaware that I saw you and

I loved you

I still feel like we've never met

I wanna put your perfume on my breakfast cereal

I wanna roll around in your dirty clothes

I wanna steal your diary and read it alone

Sew your sox and make my national flag

The closer I get the farther away

The harder I try the more I'm grabbing air

It's a fact of an obsessive life

If I give up you're right there

I want to read all your texts and emails

I want to pay your bills on time

I want to be your roller skate key

I want to answer your fan mail

I want to get presents and think they're from you

I wish I could be all your pillows

I want your stink to stay in my nose for days

I hate unrequited love

Cheers from Cam and Emily