The Getaway Drivers at Fisher King WInery

Fisher King Winery
1105 Laser Street
Verona, WI 53593
United States

Event Description:

When Fisher King Winery opened its doors for business way back in 2011, The Getaway Drivers were on the scene and played the very first musical performance at the winery.

Come join us for a rollicking reunion with one of the finest band in the greater Madison area!

"Madison has its share of bands straddling the nebulous lines of folk, country and rock. It could be said that is what defines the Americana genre. Few embody the spirit of the Midwest as easily as the Getaway Drivers. For ten years Bob Manor and his band have been polishing their songwriting skills, each album successfully building on the last. Their most recent release Bellatopia is no exception and is the band’s best outing to date, one that may be a challenge to top. In June 2016, the group won a Madison Area Music Award for Rock Song of the Year – the lead track on Bellatopia. There have been changes in personnel over the years but the recent lineup of Manor (guitar, piano vocals), Sheila Shigley (violin, mandolin, vocals), Ken Keeley (bass), Greg Thornburg (drums) and Dan Butson (guitars) and [recently added backup vocalist Iris Hutchings], has been solid." - Excerpted from "Local Sounds Magazine", Madison Wisconsin