Paulpalooza 2018

Paoli Mill Park
6890 Paoli Rd
Belleville, WI 53508
United States

Event Description:

We’d love for you to be a part of Paulpalooza!

What? Music. Food. Beer. FUNdraising. Join us for a day full of music by Project M contestants Raine Stern, Woodrow, and winner Chloe Louise plus more!

When? Sunday, August 19, 11a – 5p

Where? Paoli Mill Park (just 8 miles south of Madison where Hwy 69 and PB intersect)

Why? Because Paul was a great kid, his family misses him and wants to honor his memory with an awesome party that raises a lot of money for charities that remind us of him!!


Paul Natzke was a great kid. I could go on all day, but I’ll try to be brief. He was born with spina bifida which ended up giving him a laundry list of other diagnoses, sometimes making life challenging for him. But Paul never let any of his hurdles get the best of him. He played sled hockey, he competed on his school’s track team, he liked to water ski, and he loved watching any sport and really, was just an all-around nice, easy-going kid. He passed away unexpectedly last August. His absence has left a hole that is really hard to fill. For his birthday we started a kindness campaign called Paul’s Party where people were asked to do random acts of kindness and come tell everyone about it. We thought spreading a little kindness in Paul’s memory would make everyone feel good. It helps. So as we approach the first anniversary of his death, we thought instead of being sad, why not celebrate his life and raise some money… try to bring even more good into the world.

We chose three charities to benefit from Paul’s awesomeness. The Wisconsin Skeeters Sled Hockey team was Paul’s passion. Hockey was his sport. He tried every sport we could find, but it was clear hockey was his thing the moment he got on ice for the first time. The Skeeters are the only team in the Madison area and one of the only three teams in the state. Sled hockey is a ridiculously expensive sport and so we fundraise to try and keep it affordable for the kids who love to play.

Donate Life became so important to us only after Paul passed away. Upon his death he was able to donate his heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and eyes. We’ve met two of his recipients and have found that knowing that his organs are helping someone else live a full life gives us some peace.

Bay Cliff Health Camp. Camp was something that really benefitted Paul He’d been attending Bay Cliff for 7 weeks the summer he passed. It was an amazing experience for him and one he looked forward to repeating for the next four years until he aged out. Camp helped Paul gain a level of independence he never could have achieved without it.

So how can you help? An event like this takes some money to run. We’ll need to rent some things and pay some people. If those expenses are covered and we have money left, all remaining funds will seed our fundraising coffers. We’re hoping to raise bunches of money for the Skeeters, Donate Life, and Bay Cliff Health Camp.

This is a grassroots effort. 100% of the money you donate will be used to make this day happen. All funds raised will be donated directly to our charities, all of which are 501c3 non-profit organizatons. If you’d like donations to be tax deductible, please make the check out to Wisconsin Skeeters. You may also write checks to Kathie Natzke or PayPal at and funds will be dispersed as needed before the event and proceeds paid to charities after the event.