Project M Winning Song

Monday, June 12th

Jonathan and Kitty chat with Project M winners Anna Wang and Jeremy Van Mill (Tortoise and The Finch) about their new song "Keep Me Warm".

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In kitty this year when we were doing project dam which is our local singer songwriter competition we decided to do do lows. Remember you and I were talking like that could go really well Rebecca go really really bad. But it will all be dead and does some duo is you know I can be the concept is good but then when they get out there maybe not so much. But the duo that won it all this year fantastic they go by tortoise in the French. The real names are and a wing and Jeremy van Mel. And they want our project him championship and we've dragged them in this morning and come talk with us you guys awake get up here and get an in my life hello good morning I don't know how I. So now. The way for those of you weren't familiar with project down what we did was we had probably about 5060 people enter this competition we pick eight and then every week. They had to come up with a new song writing it and then performer for us based on a ridiculous challenge that usually kitty and I would hatched. You can call came in the Soriano scored 30 in the morning guys that did he insult the interesting thing about tortoise in the French. You guys were really a dual very long ranked. How did you know that. Amazon didn't affect it didn't seem like it when you're on stage but it was you guys formed rather quickly right. Yeah Jeremy and actually played in the band together a few years back. And we just be connected. A little bit right before project and the room. Started and we kind of engine and land. They entered and women and win it all now and a had been in project him in the past like maybe season two or something like that yeah hat and they missed seven years ago okay. Yeah and I don't remember if you've got kicked off earlier or not but I do remember you did you get I don't. Think you re means you can. IE and said no word that I wasn't supposed to sing I don't value that I'm okay. A public he came back in the combination immune Jeremy it's annoying when. People do this but if you could kind of describe Emory and play your new son that one but describe the music generation I punt TUN Eleanor what do you think the answer. Quite scary is that. Pop I guess in its essence and then. I guess my contribution to the NS that I kind of catchy pop abilities as I mean I have great riffs and and we've really work on our live arrangement make things interesting so far different. Indeed and so tortoise and finish out what was the origin and that was that just do. Jeremy. Yet sexually and political the finch posture. This so where named after the galapico's stirred instant fans they have it's idiotic relationship with each other and where. Wage and it held its no ego I. Okay I'm the so Jeremy came up with the name and he actually explains to me and I love the explanation OK so on the Galapagos Islands there is the tortoise and the fans. And the tortoise well. I assume a pastor called binge posture which is a signal in the sense that the fans can safely land on the toward this. And then that this thing to eat the parasites off of the toward his body so both. Members of that duo are happy because one gets to eat the pair Satan when it gets to not have. Terry I don't. So it that so which runs the toward less just I don't know I am the target because I personally do not enjoy eating Paris happy. Yeah. Man I'm. I eat them out of necessity both cash and that's the way guys are it's another song keep me warm. Did tell read before you played today BUN by the way towards him Fincher going to be playing at summer fest are going to be on the whole heartedly staged. July 7 heroes going to be at the between the waves festival I believe. And now we're gonna use you I don't wanna tell you we're gonna try to. Kelso one a thousand bucks they got a couple guitars for more abrupt but they also get their song on the radio we're gonna debut and in the second so this sung. Came from Telus to do this story and and the on this one. And this is actually I think. Is challenged the fourth week of the competition where. Leon had to write a song that included an article of clothing. Of some sorry. I remember that the then it's called keep me warm so here it is ready for the date field. Yeah I'm radio it's tortoise and the stench 1055 dribble from. Yeah. Things and it comes around it's didn't you used piano don't miss Terri and I didn't lose easy to. You out of it. I'm clean and come back pain I. No matter. Oh. And he says he is and sign painter is due to hunting down and and Kyle. Yeah that's it feels right. You know. A. Lose. It's. Nice. And then man it's. Do you feel long to. The deal and he teammates on. Philly that. Seeing as soon yeah. Non and you. There there are tortoise and the French are project I'm champions this year with keep me warm. You can see them add summer fest July 7 they're going to be a hard decision noon in a little closer than that on Friday they're going to be at the brink lounge is part of between the waves festival. He could find out more free check out between the waves dot com.