Wisconsin is famous for...?

Tuesday, June 13th

Bet you didn't know this was invented in Wisconsin.

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Here in Wisconsin we should be pretty proud of some of the things we come up with here I mean is the cheese curd really originally from Wisconsin feel like it should be that you. We syslog Colby cheeses from Wisconsin right from Colby Wisconsin necklace so I mean I'm sure other cheeses limb burger I think. Might be was tales from here no well there is a list of the greatest inventions the most impact full inventions state by state. And I was pretty surprised with what Wisconsin it's. I outboard motor that's a great guests I would think that too but it's not but before we get no mobile that would also be a good one. But not the case. But here let's go through some of the others. Like. Alaska. The kayak. That's sort of seems to make sense doesn't and that was an end a long time ago yes. By an anywhere people not right. By the white people that showed up I am Chris already there a surfboard for Hawaii okay that makes sense. A tractor for Iowa. I kinda seems right doesn't. Illinois. Voter fraud that make sense. Out there really says none out there who looked hot hot hot hot cell phone for Illinois all four. Places like I mean like Microsoft windows. Obviously. That comes from where we're today in Washington. There in the state of Washington. This supercomputer was invented in Wisconsin is that what our you know now listed there Utah came up with that traffic right. For market Rhode Island yeah came up with a diner and it says this. The first diners sold food out of a horse drawn carriage back in 1872. Automobile. Ohio. Air conditioning New Jersey. But Wisconsin prop eight. Also a good enough but I don't think pop those are fairly new. This space suit. Lane it says not the first vacuum sealed suit but the first with a link to space so I'm not exactly sure what people were using spacesuits. Four but they weren't going in space. But. Apparently in the 1950s. Siegfried Hanson came up with the space suit. I'm never heard that before review. That even sound like. That seems not right to me. Seems like there's so many other things we could be inventing here in Wisconsin like the bracket exactly but. I am I did not know that must be true because it's on the Internet and everything and the Internet is true much since thank you so there you have it everyone. Wisconsin. Home of the spacesuit.