9-1-1 nugget nonsense

Tuesday, June 13th

Yet another dumb reason someone called 9-1-1.

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Are you in the mood first stint for 911 call story sure we need music for that we don't have out. To come up with some guy Orlando producer can you come up with some kind of music that Christopher 911 calls. Because I feel like it happened at least once a week was it in Florida please know I wasn't it was central Texas Lanka. So it's a different China. Crazy. Woman became education and when she was waiting at the drive there and she's waiting for a chicken nuggets and waiting and waiting and waiting to do and they weren't showing up and she was getting very upset and she is complaining saying she won and then free because of the delay. She was parked in the drive through lane refusing to budge and being confrontational with employees. And vehicles continued to line up terrorists restaurant employee called 911. During the incidents have police moved the woman along. And while officers were responding. The woman in line made her own called the 911. She was very upset that she was not getting her chicken nuggets in a timely manner. The unidentified woman was given her money back and was told to leave. Without her nuggets. So she was 99 hit lists there was offer not. There was not nine hits.