Madison Flag Flap Update

Wednesday, June 14th

Jonathan and Kitty talk with two Madison City Council members about changing the Madison flag.

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And kitty as you know. Could you have to hear about it every day I have my flag obsession this full day so we thought it's a perfect day to talk about a little bit more than Madison flag. That Alderman Maurice Cheeks and I've been pushing Tim spread around Madison it's a beautiful flag that was designed back in the sixties. And thanks to Alderman cheeks. We now have the flag flying at police and fire stations and Madison parks one apart to conceal all over the place breeze Stephens field. However there's been a little bit of controversy that has now popped up regarding the flag and it symbol so people didn't. Tagging us on FaceBook by the article in this mess and wondering who are you trying to avoid this not a also we have on the phone this morning Alderman Maurice Cheeks. They Maurice good morning. Ordering our criteria all right and we also have any you know all there are vina Martin who's on the phone and hopefully can hear us or you're there are vina. I haven't had a great all right so mosier because we love the flag we could go on and on about the flag but the proper and ask. That this symbol in the middle of the flag may be offset offensive to some people so Maurice what did you hear route initially about this the symbol what what do you know about it. So calm and you know and enter listeners may now because our audit so much our flag is regarded as one of the most well I'm black and modem and I am and so as reserves moderates. Lot of the feedback course oddest things are beautiful I had no idea we had a black got a we also heard from some some members of the native American communities whose you know. You might not know this bird busy. Some symbol in the middle there is that really. State and Mexico's been dealing with that's quite awhile then you're just a similar similar order again. It's truly an inappropriate use so that some ball. Right so. My arm that was that was. And just thing to have them brought to my attention and actually are being there I started talking about it. I even look or should arm of the City Council and cheer and I had been talking about how to explorer. I'm certain going about fixing masked gunmen are writing bad. Situation you're actually really credit that should been so. The support of. And RV and you are native American that's why that's why you're in the mix here. Crack all right yeah I am. So a number of our nation yes and so what is it with that symbol that makes it inappropriate. What what is the history behind it. This really excel there's actually a very sacred symbol to the people of India Pueblo. I'm and that and that it frequently used. Without their permission. I because it at the beautiful symbol he's not but there are a lot of people that don't understand that it's important cute idiot people. And that and you didn't just because it looks nice. Right and this so we're turning our vina Marin and Maurice Cheeks both elders on it Madison City Council about the Madison flag and elm Mo and I've been trying to. Promoted around though we found out the symbol in the middle can be offensive now I am not going to be like Dan Snyder of the Washington football team who is sticking with his symbol which is highly offensive but I'm all in favor of changing yet. If we need to and we can have a big contest to change it or whatever however is there a way to keep that symbol and make it OK do you know are Venus or something we can do work. We should just flat out change it. I hit I don't know what I'm not I have reached out to India Pablo find out kind of what bear. Thought our connecting that beard people that need to do you can't get that crashed and mom because that it is very symbol I think it. Also. You know this is an opportunity for us pew. Make a slight tweak that I flagged it doesn't have to be a big change just a little change in the center. And that maybe we can bump up our flag unload about city flag pole and a little bit. Right exactly so I'm in favor of that Maurice a year in camera potentially making a change if we need to. Yes absolutely in fact I'm one of certain critical element of good by design suggests that. And it's very simple to draw all. And so actually. I heard from a couple of the next still allow it just yeah. It's a black people who send you know actually simplifying that might actually move us up there entry number 112. December or the. Ten they kind of exciting I like that shoes so I like the idea of starting a contest or something like that we can we can talk about that. But I am so I guess if we have to keep it simple picture of mole in me in the middle. I won't worry too hard to drop down a little too hard to drive more guys thank you so much bird coming on this morning I'm Gina Martin. And Maurice Cheeks so the Madison flag everybody were aware that we need to make a change and we're kind of ready to do and I think it's so keep us posted on what's happening. Well let you share well absolutely and look for that flag is flying all over Madison anytime you go by a Madison. Fire station or police station or city park you will see our beautiful flag so be sure to. Check it out and playing dead or in front of my house sat slide their deal and I've seen an hour around Madison more people. Flying the flag just remember if you by the Madison like the white on the bottom it starts on the bottoming goes up a lot of people flight upside down oh really and they don't even realize well this.