Getting Soda Jerked

Wednesday, July 19th

Jonathan and Kitty talk about Kitty's attempts to give up soda for a month.

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You may change for the vending machine. Not for you knowing that but I am a story. And the vending machine here for a while nobody was calling battery fell actually you're the only one usually does yeah we appreciate. I'm just waiting and if it was going it was really pretty and Dina soda machine was pretty empty since may mean and I finally after my last vacation. Decided to call it like I can automobiles and X video we scholar and the reason I didn't calling June at all. Is gone because I was doing my June no soda challenged. And I was trying to make it an entire month of June without bringing any soda is at a June looting. No it's just a thing that I came up with for me because I realized I was drinking way too much soda the rollout is genius one Canner. Glass a week. And it became like once A day site was like Fareed just don't drink K wait a minute I remember in May you have like six soda cans hearing you're crushing them on your head RA I was I don't I don't recall that an honor I never ending caffeine blacked out yeah. So I did really well I made it all the way to the month of June without a soda that's the city done so we nice to he in that easy water staff if you're like you were talking to me while it was happening for encouragement and I'd be like her. When you and I are you now are not really and then sorry about the although once last week as Sony and Minnesota nearly why don't do it or whatever it yeah. And then but yesterday I can tell you Oksana went to talking out of it silenced the machine to get my. My little fix of Coca-Cola. And sent straight up folks not even died baby you know and hardcore and if so what happened and she name my money. Job that's par effect so. Are the machines in not yeah. Are they trying to help me. Yes admit no machine that's that's what it is the machines have heard us talking. About this or heard you talking about it and man made said you know what but he couldn't cheer machines are alive. And name are looking for your best interest if the machines are really alive they'd probably be trying to attempt Jews who want. Write your thank kid I would think they would be but then they went steal my money in it let me have a soda ranked as what good does do. He's well they didn't you know what it did have to give up the soda and got your money. So maybe it may be there are working out it's a profit deal for those guys well so did you bus they do give up and get its. Morales is now I am go get on the black market go down an alleyway and yet now I didn't do you held out I did so Bennett tried again today now. I don't know it's like now working out so old collateral and narrowed on an either because I'm all about mean I don't care of wouldn't Alia Ali other people can lose money in their cues inside it may be it's working today. And then I should go down and try thinking then there there's my July challenged. Well heights it was in June 1 over you and keep trying I'm big I don't know I'm gonna see how long I can go but I don't necessarily have to not have soda anymore OK so now you can imagine something else try to go back to mainly just one per week okay comes and then I came up with the July Knoll. Must an hour doughnut challenged. No muffins or doughnuts I do. And that's pretty steep for you. I saw housing go on what you started July 1 July 1 death that was then it was that and it I think OK so how does so today we're moving along kitty wordy on the nineteen have parity pollute lake probably Angela. Content. His I was at a hotel in the and then the breakfast bar you get up the complimentary. Breakfast and. Did you get like Richard doc and type of muffin situation now I'd muffin stuffed in the doughnut you know what I would. Probably Triad dug up stuff no not any warning the negev there missiles little mini star but don't let some little mini star mom muffins yes. I was like oh like oh really can with this coffee as a follow up to my. Means what it known I'm beans. Yeah gravy biscuits and current TV on nicely so really how so I'd say two or did anyone is anyone even aware that you're having this challenge. I told me like a couple days later that he blew it forming and by saying. She we split them off then you. I don't think why so many like why did you say something on my. If you often looked really good and I have a good luck I can only imagine what August is going to be. Of the way the law is not an amino beer. Does that's a great taste in the midwest eminent thought of doing that doing you know beer for like a month. And but then I like look at the calendar Kenney and I'm like X I tune in August and you can't do that in September because that's a lead into October for exactly so how about in November. And I don't that's Thanksgiving okay. I can result thankful for craft beer I had just been December's holiday continue to drink the holidays away so I'm thinking in January. And I think there's some no consensus among New Year's tolerant. Melvin that's and the third you could stop him tonight and who might kick so how about in February and that's my birthday in March. Saint Patrick's Day and April my expert they may. There's not a enemy so let's mark it down in the calendar now Pratt may Madison craft beer week June. Ha ha ha ha ha we're coming all the way around here in June. What do we do busy concentrating and so it is again could you be up to thirty soda and Alice in Paris anyway and I think you should I think you for beer you should try going like. A day YT that. Emanated yet today.