Fighting With Toys

Thursday, September 14th

Jonathan & Kitty can’t agree on which toys should be added to the Toy Hall of Fame.

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The nominees have and revealed. For the national toy hall of fame I agree with you now islands only oh. Two or three of these are gonna get in an LB announced in November and now some of these seem obvious and now I have no problem with and getting and today but one. Is the worst even though I own it. Opt opt IRA will let you guess which one and a and the problem with artery the list OK this is what's getting in are now this is what's nominated OK some committee have been. People children will decide how does not children probably people in suits look inside. At the national toy hall of fame all right act clue. You can. Professor plum is very much in favor of that brand. Magic eight ball matchbox cars my little pony paper airplane head is. Place food. Risk sand that transformers. Blew now. And the with the ball. Which one of those do you have and that's an and so suggests or not. That about I own an and I'm upset about it getting add to its not really it's LA. In my opinion and no I don't own scene and been around sand box around your honor my little pony do you loan that's too late risk. I think I do aboard your Morrissey who grew out and that's kind of violent and what I would cobalt. I am no problem with the little ball what was left only remembered. The magic eight ball. And love and that I am against day. Is it's not really at a toy she did fortune telling instrument no. This isn't really designed toy. Now if you never actually had when I did mine in tomorrow I had wanted to ask a question and the little. You know whatever that is 3-D octagon thing need it's in there with all the words on it. It never really lay comes to the surface properly so that you can read what the four. Ann is. See now like sideways in the area it has design flaws that have existed since the beginning now time images as your question so why should that you recognize did you. Is this was this it. And an eight ball you got at a garage sale yes okay. To see you had the problem which I understand because I experienced this firsthand I received an eight ball when I was a child from my aunt and uncle who knew giving me one. And enjoying it and playing with the eight ball in asking a lot of questions and then when I'd ask the question they gave me an answer right alike I'd ask it again and rice. Then one day Joey freeh came over. And Joey freed asked that question I forgot what his question was but he remember him throwing the eight ball down the stairs. Because he was mad at its answer boom and then from that point on the eight ball was never clear again. I don't know it's not that it's not clear. Right decision does man crush played a lot of them brand new out of the box I like that you hit. What are you know that's been a lot. Did you got around attached to those you've got to retire as you now. Yes I haven't I anyway I don't judge isn't getting and I think Jerry ball had some injury also it's just wishy washy that's all. Ask him later records is a Christian she issue a balk then you know it should get man I wonder if it's in already that little paper saying that it day. You fold and narrowly. Won to 34. Haram oh what's that thing is called I know like I only origami I not do right. They're great NE CNN that should be in for sure and unknown fits in there because design like 58 items. And slave food should not be in there one I know I play food shouldn't NN presents candy you know it's now. Well that's one thing really my mother I was one and it clicks a set of play food you know for playing house and senate and you don't need to play food that's stupid. To waste of money and so I never had it. It was like but hey you know what I just want a little faith could come over and our place. In new can some fate corn with Josh and I'm gonna do and gold tape players because it's stupid and they don't deserve to have a. Nor are we David have a little kitchen to. Probably wanna one of those things you all of Gail had one psyched to play with her sons is always turn into a therapy session is. Let's it would be a policy because I'm right now Eminem later because you never hear me. 738. And it is no cure what 55 dribble around so a judge today a high of 81 degrees tonight clear drop in under sixty. Tomorrow mostly sunny out matchbox cars that I don't you chill. When I was he's prefer hot wheels. That's got stars is dangerous project doubt that device and go home right now. Let's get thrown a lot now is like that they had like the little doors than an open and shut until he broke him right off. Wants with a lower costs what it was they weren't that well constructed see another design flaw. You should see him now because they're not they don't have lead paint all over them like the old ones that. That's no fun right now because I still have mild matchbox cars which were kept in check. For all the easier as an air slowly getting destroyed over the last year. I have them I brought the motto was so proud to bring them to my boys for some reason I still had a moment though these are my match well. There was another one across the room not mentally unbalanced.