Donald Driver Meltdown

Friday, September 22nd

Jonathan ribs Kitty over her “lack of professionalism” while interviewing former Green Bay Packer Donald Driver.

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I don't think we need to die around North Korea or any other I don't want to Moscow anymore we Katie meeting Donald Driver some home missed it earlier this morning now I was very nervous yesterday Nikkei is. I have learned in the Donald Driver was going to be at the Barnes & Noble last which is lake mere feet from the radio station I was like should I go. And I learned that there's an opportunity for the mediated you have brief QNA. And I was nervous like what what I ask and I ended up going. And it was an awesome experience it was like an experience of a lifetime I got there everything was delayed until. I I sat. Sat there. And watches TI and autographs in books for oh about I don't know 6075. People Manny was super nice to every single one whether they were a little Bailey are. Are you seller and he's selling books he was really nicely selling them. True but he or she should be should it have to be a nice Varity paid for the book right by its own and you have to do customer service he's a grilling he's seasonal ice listen. There they greats have interviewed you know I mean you think about when Barbara Walters interviewed. Fidel Castro you know I mean there's a lot of tough interviews they have to do and I you know Mike Wallace yeah Michael Wallace Mike Wallace just. You know reeling you on the Giguere just when he walked in the other room so let's listen to the authoritative voice. And the difficult question I was sitting asks Donald Driver let's let's all listen turn up your radio. I I am I posted a local radio show and my Melissa long argument here player you and I was singing I was too nervous to even come here I mean you know I. I don't know I don't see gazillion nicer stuff person on the green. Kind of reminds. We have David Frost and okay. In the mix and a new us. Right. I mean right when they're about to do you know I was out my goal which I didn't dig deep into it. Many sort of dirt about Donald Driver that was not my goal I'll I'll agree with you unmasked by let's hear a little bit more. Period as and it I am striving yeah I did a great idea he would kind of like Kenny young drivers your own personal trainer. You not think so I think is the book is all about having that personal relationship. When I retired I try to enjoy good food Somali I stay home and I was relaxed influence on the couch watching TV and I start to do whatever I want. And so I had to do the speaking engagement in a little too but my interest at all. And as we all do we he stuck an alien. Soccer in India when I relax. My stomach came out. I looked I was at Q was lost at that point. She's like you're on the couch and picked Jenny shirts and yeah you're you're stomach came around. Tunnel anyway he goes on my dad this whole interviews two minutes and thirty seconds for about two minutes and ten seconds. He taught anybody unless you are giving the sales pitch that's what he's thereby making excuses. Their life and that's the result and we have to do everything SO put that person that just wants to challenge this. And go at their selves every single day so this is what the book is about this astonishing collapse myself plus hot and tough tough right here in the store right now all of that. Usually didn't enjoy life that's what god put us here that's what you put all his food in front of the isn't doing good but he also gave us responsibility that we have to now take care of ourselves. Scandal little church she'd journalism Levittown. So so she's just one question so far and that is thought I'd tell me about your blog know I did ask him infused the nicest guys in the all star don't forget and yes questioned you tell me about his book. So now time is running out so thank you Katie Ford's thinking of me. In the next question and I just mom we're questioning my cohosts for the past eighteen years unfortunately the Chicago we're seeing this okay so I wanted to get any message for you. I don't give a quarterback. She got stolen it. I don't I. That if you would have said if you decide do you have one message form and any would have side. Still sock yeah find out what an amazing oh. It's funny because when I was telling. My best friend Gail about the guys on like right when I left the store yes. And I was on speakerphone with her husband as well and he's. The Chicago Bears fans and when I said yes and he said get a quarterback and that a helper or whatever and you know so we need more than match. Then I was singing now would be exactly your response is well probably probably so tejada we sum this up I don't. I just shouldn't gushed at lake and school girl there this kid really ridiculous I did not hold it together at all. Yup and I'm not even embarrassed. Now I mean I hate that the truth is he do you you cannot keep it together for a crash say you have one eye on the other hand always keep my cool hello drivel I'm. I am saying yes I think he can get. It Donna and I. I recall when he was the party that married he had a crush on some things are movie Barrett and honorary members. And he never I've got Shane who kind of embarrassing gushing dynamic that I had and I remember that at least eleven what are you talking again yeah well yeah I'm out I think we've got out I'm. I don't remember you're not down. I'm not enough marine dad yeah release solo. And that the difference is. You thought you were actually going to like end up with her dead and you really thought it was perfect you try again we near wasted the heart of her mom her. I really did I thought I was gonna leave miss. I think I did today EAD list celebrity husbands. Yeah that was my plan and I don't really see she's a DOC I'm diet you know marrying sound driver yeah I mean for one thing he's too young fan. Here's a prisoner yeah I remember I didn't really think it might save you I was single at the time and I said you kidding this is my ticket I think. I'm an army I am out the door. Didn't happen Colin anyway. Did you get to hug her. I think I did this campaign has been sent to warn email that she didn't have a cheap sort of I don't. I just shouldn't gush to lake and school girl there is really ridiculous I did not only together at all. You also say ridiculous really meant to the I don't know and I'm just I'm still giddy with their whole experience lurid.