Luring Amazon

Monday, October 23rd

What could Madison do to get Amazon to locate its new facility here? Jonathan & Kitty have some thoughts.

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And it last week we found out that. That. The Madison areas trying to get that big Amazon headquarters with 50000 jobs so Raytheon and you know I'd I don't know there's a 180 page document where they try to lure. Amazon here I don't know police and a weekend reading it oh yes I cover to cover realm I know did not. But I found a story about some and that craziest proposals for the new headquarters. Can run all our other cities are other cities that are vying for it because apparently everybody wants that. So to reset this it's a giant facility huge square footage and tons of people will work their friend after 50000. Workers as what they're saying a few. I had 50000 employees. 51050000. Not 5050000. Workers knew where they are gonna park. While anyway. Some of these ideas are interesting. Columbia Saint Louis and Kansas City, Missouri. OK they are going for it together those three cities and they're gonna build a hyper loop between the three biggest cities. So you can get to and from work really quick while yes that's for don't know I never loopy to work. Had to loop I never really liked that name because I feel like he's very stressful. It does seem Strauss following. Does this thing that's on my mother called me after ray too many for exactly. Luke don't rare. Yeah. There and in Dallas Texas they it would have a development that would surround the station for fifteen billion dollar bullet train. And and it bull Austria also not a great Mano this I don't former. Shopping mall in Dallas is where they wanna play it Phoenix. Insider renovated shopping mall. So I got a shot a lot of empty shopping malls and are looking for that in regulated at Westgate I don't think you could fit in 50000 employees ask it now. Probably not. Newark, New Jersey yet apparently has seven billion dollars in tax incentives grape then there and again sixteen million up from. Memphis Tennessee if they put it there. Frisco Texas offers to build the rest of its city around Amazon. So I don't now while. That sounds inch stink at that stone crest Georgia says it will name itself Amazon. Really there is given and all I don't change the name and all of its residents who get a tattoo on their forehead that says And Calgary Alberta says they'll change their name to him. Calgary Wilson then they have a hockey team there the Calgary Flames seen Amazon flames. So I know those are some of the ideas I don't know you know what. We can do here in Madison and opting gained upped the ante I get Amazon here I mean a lot of people probably. You know would save it is an Amazon a company it's getting real follow local jobs and putting all man small round places out of work so do do we really want that rare or you know whenever I'd. Doubt they'll come here anyway I don't know really put it. I don't know when you travel you knew suggested last week may be great next epic. I think that was okay and remain very idea hangs at the same time exactly yeah. I don't know where to go I don't feel like we can go library lute served I don't think Alicia Iranians are now. You know should put an extra Foxconn but that would be Madison now. Now I don't I don't know what Madison could give up names some Beers after it. But a special kind of cheese curd. We'll tell you all honeymoon is now a lot. Yellow name it she's Kuroda I know briefly to renamed Bucky badger and no no. Matter where I. I am not being serious apparently seventy Randall. Maybe that'll Rihanna is all the world weren't there a civil war veterans gaveled this renaming Amazon. Amazon's very gallant act. I can't I keep trying to think where they put it here Cancun cram 50000 in the west it. Should wander around my skin eyes and Ellis Delhi still for sale. There we got well I doubt I have a terror itself from people who use cell lines. How about those hybrid of some bullet train's engine go around in a circle all these Washington and all the employees get free ice cream them pound cake that's right.