Self-driving cars, tacos and turkey with a lot of pluck.

Thursday, November 16th

Jonathan and Kitty cover all the important topics of the day.

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A Republican senator has come out against this and it tax reform bill and not looking good is senator Ron Johnson a Wisconsin. He says the current bill is Chu. Republicans only afford it can only afford to lose two votes and still pass the bill. During and that repeal of obamacare is individual Manny may make a few other senators waiver as well. The house is set to vote on its tax reform bill today. Wisconsin lawmakers got to take a look at one of those oh autonomous vehicles yesterday parked outside the capital. I love that this is the steering committee because. All right listen in the name of the committee that. But Eric the governor steering committee on autonomous and connected vehicle testing and deployment its steering committee rapper thing may you don't I hear. I'm now. How was it did drive all our no it didn't go anywhere and they just got to sit and then look at it because. They cancel at that go up announced states Streeter Sunday in which would be totally cool what is similar vehicle was involved in the crash a week going Las Vegas so they were a little. Touchy about it while I feel I decided not to give it a try and and then maybe they didn't have the rights to. Disarm maybe. There goes and how well. Like so there's people want to know then I'm very. I didn't try yeah. Thanks so this is a look at the greatest yeah I've got out pretty I've got a flying car than ever gonna ask you for five dollars a person. Show you LA archived flies but it was involved in the incidents no somewhere else so we're gonna play action had to fly at this point. And will having alcohol at a Taco Bell fly in Madison and a mansion alcohol license or you committee approved a request for a liquor license. For a Taco Bell downtown owners of the new location on State Street where when he's used to be one album epic nineteen I'd something attending all over the country. They're seeking liquor licenses for Taco Bell usually that's where you go after you drink your act now while you're drinking very of the committee approved a license allowing the restaurants sell beer and wine until 10 PM and now let's. Succeed the security footage of a few students there late night at the Taco Bell. I just remember when I would come down a Madison to party when I heard yet and my favorite place to go after other. It is either either one of them are your pit stops you'll either want any hero places depending on which had a shorter mine which led Eastern Europe and I have to cry all the way over there or the other place was in to get a slice that Iraqis kiss that was before they were all over the place so do I had Intel lineup with all the other. Parity minded people there and I was out fish such great memories. 730 I should apologize to guy who the people who own the one across from the Parthenon. That's all insane at this point mare then. In relation to their values and maybe in relation to their bathroom yeah I mean I do want to extend an apology since that's a different restaurant night again. In the clear. Part of Florida story for gas rates. A one min. Wearing a Turkey costume. She's getting in the Thanksgiving spear a little bit early issues wearing a Turkey cost him. And I is charged with retail theft of more than a thousand dollars in merchandise. Apparently it's Irene Leigh Anne Hardin. Entered at least the Belk store. And started just putting stuff in your blue mesh bag Dele cat course curse and but you are dressed as a Turkey she was just yeah Sergio at the time woods probably thought it looked like. I mean. Don't you let I have beautiful lending inner some namely how can I blend into the scene and alert cold Turkey ensemble. Right and steal designer purses by throwing them into my crappy person. And now the main thing that I thought about the stories you after. A lot of flocked to do that now. And she thought she was successful would be a feather in your cap. But this is a story kind of story you jumble hospice. The only reason you did it isn't it. Maybe. If it involved and Jim bullets I what is done even more excited. Oh she still it's simple it. Charming mostly sunny today Jim wallet I have 480 degree I say duplicates fund template. And then they. Was an edit these cute little MTV show and that's gadgets and hope. Supplement that putt and it didn't. I know Jim let. That an episode in the second season. When and where she did your sister Israel makes a Turkey.