Blaze Orange Memories

Friday, November 17th

Kitty shares her stories of growing up with a not-so-successful deer hunter.

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Deer hunting season starts tomorrow you and I know you always say I go deer hunting Katie did you next week off to go deer hunting exactly. But I was just thinking finally about the memories of deer hunts past spoken now when I was deer hunting I am I was apparently a toddler and not allowed to go with my dad although I know he never went up for me anyway share but my dad though you know really like a deer hunting man it was a big deal every year so Nancy god north of hunt when his brother. But the biggest thing was to getting ready. And I think that was what he homeless liked the best. And it was getting ready for you don't like ready let me you have to do while he had deli make sure the gun was off clean inning could shape the menu taking out another country or wherever you cite it are you the rightful Rangers and then say you make sure that it. This team is true. Elvis Costello. And then he hadn't and there's morning gear ready getting it close ready. Getting hit the blaze orange coat makes it did you have the same supplies every you're gonna get new rule now I'm for a new coat and what he did get a new car when they transitioned from red and they made it blaze orange UK when it was red when I was really ya. So I got the blaze orange code in the blaze orange. Hands and the hand warmer zapped by those he actor. There are certain sandwiches he only are you like to eat in the woods. And that was head cheese sandwiches. Which is based on these core parts of the face so Larry I don't even Canadian renminbi. It's Aaron I was highly could still adhere may could or would your mom had to do photos today he would go by and us this it's like lunch meats. He'd go by this lunch meat stuffed Kolb had Jesus not really cheese it's more like lunch meat but couldn't any make the samba just know my mom didn't make. Anything to do a fat okay changing his ways that are involved now. And then he would also pilot a whole bunch of regular Hershey bars who. And not I mean it's funny I wonder if it's like from being in the service if you like could that's the kind and they would handout to people on strength and they get rations of Hershey bars. They have to take Hershey bars with them. And he had them in Alice pockets and so then you know he come home of that pack like a big box or Hershey bars. Like the kind of filters and door you know I all of that you know by a huge thing in and there's located behind him and he likes it but it would strangle the little kid was knees saying can I know I need these for energy Yemen and now it was very disconcerting to know there was all that chocolate in the house and I was not allowed to touch. Well I'm curious so when that then when he finally come back. Pat how long would be enjoying that venison for now I wish he had the entire time I was a kid he never got a dear. Members now and he would come home and leave him there would be times where he was out you know every day. And he would never even seen one. This is now back in the seventies he's rented to see anything he just feel like sitting in the woods when he go with friends he was alone some to promote. And if you if you go with a friend you don't you don't sit with your friend anyway you just like ride him he go with people but they do any sit in different places. And you know what my older brother pat I think when one year and then some his buddies went with my dad a few years. And then 1 am my dad's body is beside dear Annie was about to heat. Was like Steinbrenner when he was now ready because he had a glass bottle of Coca-Cola. I just figure out where to set the Coke and many las thought and then the deer was gone so that was one that people. Like to tease you never out. Now my never came back with a dealer my younger brother took a hunter safety course and I think he went like a year one or two years. My grandpa and he was a big hunter I think. That really. Maybe your dad was going somewhere else and you never knew couldn't beat maybe he lives like. You know how often out of claiming god summer it's only did he never came back tan right. Now OK just managing your share Zagat go deer hunting but really it was the only gentleman's intermission UN somewhere else and I don't think so OK just checking URL. Then Mindy she's Dell DJ John Wayne movie all on board if Jim thirty but all I was freezing to death then it started just know. On the she's at our hand in Florida Josh and as fun as CNET. There. Did thirty point must. Know when I completed holes on an NN that large app. And should enjoy discounts and I think your dad went to Vegas. My dinner snack okay 754. All those years he never guy never cheery with pets spend some time in the bars up north right. But I don't I don't believe you went I don't know how long he stayed in the woods everyday has been my leg and that's enough it's 8 o'clock and.