Pepperoni Pacifier

Wednesday, November 29th

Jonathan and Kitty think the newest Baby Registry is pretty cheesy.

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And for those of you who know someone who's expecting are here expecting. A baby this may be exciting news for a year. And that is a new baby registry blue now available. You can now register for baby gifts. That Domino's. Excuse me. Yes you can register at Domino's baby registry dot com see your friends and family can't buy you pizza was. Which I mean you're you're ABT heat no it's more like for you I solace. Because he came. But it's funny they have different things then I don't know if it comes with a little card that says this it must be hormone only an angry the struggle is real. Twenty dollars you get a pizza for that they have some clothing too late yeah I'm. Maternity top that says he suffered huge pleas. You can get a mug that says slice slice EB could. Glass I just want to eat donuts got in a mode you've had pizza and then it's kind of mode she is someone leaked news. And so yeah there's different. Offerings. New born locked down dinner delivered enough said and so he he can then he got the kid and it's like they don't anywhere. It anyway and take a shower or how do you expect me to cut. One of my favorite. Little ones he's that we got a lot when now Josh to his point was it said. Party at my created 2 AM hot hot hot honey I'm Bertha a home win never feel out more fun legislation and exactly.