Relish This Mustard

Thursday, December 7th

A guy from Illinois says putting mustard on your Pop Tarts is a thing. Then the police got involved. Jonathan & Kitty tell you all about it.

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And now in this day and age kitty. Because we've got dollar social media a lot more fun. Four people and large corporations to poke fun at each other. You can do it so easily ran. I could do it on Twitter or in a single random things about exactly so there's a story from just a couple I was like a week or two ago that. Pop tarts. Was a little sapped. And actually contacted contacted the police about something. OK so now listen and listen to this crazy story. Pop tarts alerts police about Illinois man who spreads mustard on his breakfast pastry why. So. Apparently the pop charts people were upset because there was a guy from my Dixon Illinois believe that's the up or place of Ronald Reagan is it I believe Lisa Olson. And there was a guy who. Tweeted. You guys need from Illinois if you don't put mustard on your pop tarts. So any at a picture of his pop tart with mustard and it does not sound out of it sounds terrible. So are intermingling of sweet and savory right. In response the official Twitter account of pop tart probably run by 22 year old Bluetooth I'm not. Retreated the man's post intact. The Illinois state police department. Asking him to intervene in her pop pop pop pop pop up code it just wrote can you guys handle list. I don't I mean and they Illinois police. Respond there reply to it. No the Illinois state police did not however things are a little slower in Dixon Illinois. We don't have as much going on there so the police there are step forward. And offered to. Help out and they go to the guy's house but they wrote they treated deck game nobody put mustard on their pop tarts in Illinois. It's what base moon so. Pop tarts and later retreated deep Dixon police message and thank him for their support. So I don't know if dander up showing up at the guy's house. I'd be great if they like went to the guy's house and return doubt you recite some kind of serial killer. Right and then they found them and then. Ryan was cards instead of the cereal that I don't detect I was trying to do country thing serial killer like. She saw stars instead of cereal. Now. You know hi fi action I even funny. Miner good years and it's like what it and but I and that there was one important indeed tell not included okay go ahead. No just what flavor pop tart was a well that's a good point. Because like if it's strawberry. Now would be terrible. Now I don't know I'm looking if it's like hot dog flavored pop tart may be funny if they make I love the hot dog yeah I doubt I ever.