Flashback: School Gift Exchange

Monday, December 11th

Did you ever exchange gifts with other kids in your class in grade school? Kitty did, and still treasures one present she got in 4th grade.


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And I was just having a little. Holiday flashback in my brain. I mean I'm kind of office party situation no it's actually at party situation now where it's going back to grade school. And I know I. Priests served the public schools don't do official Christmas parties anymore rent for Christmas concerts. This can and with you photocopy your butt on the photocopy machine in the library you would have had damion did a machine right okay the main meal graph machine because zero. No okay. It was nothing like that but I was just thinking about that pressure. Of selecting the right gift for the gift exchange as the kids weed out you guys really gives you exchange yes and it's in my high schooler junior high grade school. Braves start in the first grade I think first six we did every year you have the pressure of finding a gift for somebody in your class and need Cheney deed you know exchange names and the limit I remember them. Money limit was fifty cents and that's all you're supposed to spend some kids went over a little bit and I remember there are always the goatee I guess the people got. Which was to Lifesavers storybook. OK you'll remember that I don't but I honestly wish also not an NB like generals alike I think general I do remember those yes and wasn't really a story about it was just like save gas I do remember more of the candy canes with and with the fake Eminem minute they weren't the real and friends there and I've got a knock off Eminem's. Those are always go to use our member and first grade a little boy thinks he's like had to work game to give my name is he whining give me a president. Yeah and I got a ring toss game that was from well over fifty samples for sure and say wow so that goes what did you open it up in class. Everybody open in my mind that it was like kitty jetBlue line ally and yes there Jenny did you get my name any psychiatry and he shot to jail and a nice gas lungs so that was that was nice yeah and then story. Is gonna turn bad because that's a great happy story and then no look the thing is that the president that I hated the most at the time. He's only one I still own. He clearly wave and I think that somebody waiting and a gift in fourth grade. I was in a combo fourth fifth grade room and I it was either from Jean Eric singer Darcy hilly and not pass her whole life. Some piece of crap thing for fifty cents and got in fourth grade you still have eyes. The thing that I have I heard you help us this gift Sox people now I still say it's not candy was it. Because it was something someone a little older we may be appreciated it was a Christmas ornament on the little bird they could like clip on a brains. And so I still have that among my Christmas ornaments Imad and put up a tree in years but I still lab that wears the ring toss them. I don't and that god kid you I love another ring John tonight guide.