Worst Christmas Song Ever?

Monday, December 18th

Golf Digest says this Paul McCartney tune is the worst Christmas song of all time. Jonathan & Kitty weigh in.

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And it's hot and a season it certainly is is Heineken done there's almost I'm almost sorry. Look I'm sorry if I haven't wished you happy honey how are very active and thank you the holiday music is something that's everywhere I mean our sister station is playing it when it my dad and I'm playing in July didn't think I think they may have just there's a story out saying that this sign that I you dislike a lot. The reality sunk. Might be the worst Christmas son and quite possibly the worst song ever is wonderful christmastime and don't know how I don't know I don't know. They know. He's he get that I'm not kidding. I have never minded that song I think. I would even goes I'm not just trying to be annoying here I would say actually enjoyed hello I'm sure you doobie you've terrible taste but. The thing that's interesting I don't argue about this story. That says it's the worst Christmas signed quite possibly the worst song ever is an article. And golf digest dot com. Skis may gulf terrorists hate is no way I'm Dan I was waiting list I was almost Christmas time this just in Rolling Stones as top flight golf balls are terrible. I his golf digest doing I have no idea but it's interesting like there is beg date give reasons why it's bad. The nauseating burping synthesizers. Can mean you do have you know no grown adult penned such learns that. So there's a lot of stupid. The part where the burping synthesizers are joined by jingle bells. The choir of children sing. They're shining city on June dawn on me. All the deadbeat finger snapping a. It just. And just kept you moves along and here's an inch Cink factor right about that song yes. It earns Paul McCartney almost as much money in music royalties. As all of The Beatles catalog. Yeah I did yearly basis he has. It words in 400 to 600000. Dollars a year in royalties as a and 2013 he made fifteen million dollars. Just some of off of simply having a wonderful christmastime so yes he is having a wonderful Christmas says he counts as money. Every year as that think it's played over and over again. I mean what fifteen million dollars. I 79 color you can tell the right talent he probably cranking out. When you said the suns just write themselves or something he'd in Allen which is annoying to me to. Some really. I'm looking at I'm looking at this are new to some looking at the comments on this. But what people are commenting on and Arnold they're being sarcastic. Among wrote in bold letters this song makes me so I've been happy. But there is six after months until Christmas. I don't know if they're really. Giving money to Paul McCartney basically in the middle of can someone. And I think I mean you like it I think because I think for a lot of people. Christmas doesn't. Nobody's had that great of a Christmas amber who's you know the trees global mom I'm gonna punch your face. I mean. That's why I don't want to get his it's too freaking happy that reminds you of all the bad Christmas did. Is and it's like yeah isn't I'd never had that Christmas really ever not even one time I don't not even one time of I had one bad happy. I mean give me one year of the royal she is and I'll show you a happy Christmas was there I mean I'm more like. You know father Christmas give me some money that's a good sign. Are they Great Lakes on rent. Who did more up my Alley I mean even as as an adult like with Mike you guys and just have the good thing I could not then the habit. Not cam wonderful I mean there in my case. But they're not that they're not laid yippee skippy. And as a kid they were just don't think they are good and I look back and I probably think they were better than they were. Yeah I really concentrate and think about and there's probably a lot of horrible mess going on at the same time. For advanced add yell and yeah there's always oyster Stew and we just start right there with the oysters still and it goes downhill. Yeah I don't know what that's all about why. Oyster Stew who would instead Muzak your dad that was your destiny I think that's either Irish or German thing a narrow I think it's iris is it is horrible that sounds. Well Larry I work like oysters do you buy it when I was eleven. I didn't like it and they used to get the oyster Stew at the gas station alone now with the price they made it a home made and there's like buttery Barack was. Q at that point kitty was wishing for some lewd Fiske presumably having a wonderful Christmas time slipping up sell oysters still. You cannot work jumper airheads pulsating there's this little part under 400 sites Paulson it. And that's when I know we need to stop the conversation will continue session later Katie with some incidents. Kind of relaxed you separate incensed.