Finding North

Finding North is a singer/songwriter duo that turns stories about life, love, and experience into creative lyrics and memorable melodies with a blend of guitar, piano, and harmony.  Although Folk/Americana genre best categorizes their music, they pull inspiration from a broad musical palette, such as blues, gospel, country, and rock to create a unique and colorful sound.

Paul Herrick grew up listening to the great rock and alternative acts of the late 80’s and 90’s, but developed an appreciation - passion, even - for acoustic driven music.  One day, an old college friend gave him his first beat up guitar and Paul’s life changed forever.

Sussanah Sasman has been playing piano and singing since she was just five years old.  Throughout her life, she has expressed herself and connected with others through her honest and soulful originals. It was no surprise when she chose to dedicate her life and career to teaching and writing music.

Together, Sussanah and Paul discovered that their combined passion for original music has resulted in a successful collaboration in writing songs that have helped them follow their compass on life's journey.