Jonathan Suttin

I was told by the station's webmaster to write two sentences about my life. Uh oh, I think I've wasted my two sentences. #1 question most asked by fans... You're the last person in line, right? Three songs that sound great together... Actually, I like playing them one at a time. At the bar; beer,... Read More

Kitty Dunn

Although she swears she is not a morning person, Kitty has been helping you wake up for nearly two decades on 105.5 Triple M. Putting to good use everything she learned in journalism classes at UW-Stevens Point, Kitty likes to delve into the important issues, like stuff spilled on the highway and... Read More

Leigh McNabb

Leigh McNabb is a Midwest native who was born and raised in West Des Moines, IA, went to Iowa State and has spent time living in Illinois, Missouri and, of course, Wisconsin. Leigh was recently married and is enjoying the “honeymoon phase.” Her husband, Mike Wickett, is on the radio, too, hosting a... Read More

Jesse Garon

#1 question most asked by fans: Wait...I have fans? Are you Jonathan Suttin? or What happened? Three songs that sound great together: Well, when I DJ...I've learned that if you play the "Chicken Dance," "Hokey Pokey," and "Beer Barrel Polka" at a wedding in Wisconsin, almost everybody gets up to... Read More

Brad Carson

Brad's first real job was "setting pins" at a bowling alley (obviously not automatic lanes) growing up in rural Illinois. After college Brad's first radio job consisted of reading obituaries, farm reports, playing country songs, hosting an on-air trade show, and calling basketball games in empty... Read More

Amber Star

#1 most asked question by fans is... Wait, Who are you? Three songs that sound great together... The Cure, Love Cats, OutKast- Mrs. Jackson, and Smashing Pumpkins- Today At the bar; beer, wine or mixer?... I'm a mixed drink girl. Vodka soda with lemon Favorite restaurant in Madison... It's hard to... Read More