Kitty Dunn

Although she swears she is not a morning person, Kitty has been helping you wake up for nearly two decades on 105.5 Triple M. Putting to good use everything she learned in journalism classes at UW-Stevens Point, Kitty likes to delve into the important issues, like stuff spilled on the highway and rampaging animal stories.

#1 most asked question by fans is... What time do you have to get up every morning? (Around 4 or 4:30)

Three songs that sound great together... Bluebird by the Buffalo Springfield, Blue by the Jayhawks, For You Blue, by the Beatles

At the bar; beer, wine or mixer?... Beer, preferably a local microbrew that's not overly hoppy.

Favorite restaurant in Madison... It's a tie between Sprecher's and Old Chicago. It probably has a lot to do with the beer selection.

I'm famous for... my ability to recite the entire "Calgon, ancient Chinese secret" commercial from memory.

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