Jake'O McCluskey


Jake’O McCluskey is a 24-year-old-soul with the spirit of an aged blues man and talent of a seasoned rocker. He consistently amazes his audiences with his modern-retro originals and his eclectic arrangements of blues, rock 'n' roll, and R&B.

Jake'Os enthusiastic entertainment style transforms a 'routine performance' into a experience that the audience are unable to forget. When he takes to the stage, his greasy guitar licks and his booming dynamic reverberating-vocals captivates the crowd and enraptures them. His strikingly handsome appearance coupled with his flashy stage presence and ability to create original compositions makes him a 'triple threat'.

"These days, as an up-and-coming solo act, he graces the stage with a sky blue guitar, and plays a blend of blues, R&B, and rockabilly. You might see him wearing a matching button up shirt and vest with dress shoes, looking like a flashback to the days of Sam Cooke and Nat King Cole."~WiscNews 

"From the first, song he brought a stage presents and enthusiasm that just captured the audience attention. He just has an oracle energy that draws you to your feet. You really need to experience his performance. Yes it is an experience, he has the ability to make you feel like every song he is performing just for you. He has that star quality about him. He is a handsome young man that I think the ladies like. He sings plays guitar and dances the entire show. His music has many styles combined, some rock, blues, soul, and a touch of country --all combine his style. He puts on a show that is family friendly but definitely not kid music but his beats do make the kids dance as well as adults."~Bill Buerger @ ROCKERVERA.com


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