2017.03.14 - pizza or pasta survey.mp3

Friday, September 14th


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And our friends and buzz feed the buzz feed scientists have come up with. Pretty good questions over the years polling questions important issues about our society. No it doesn't have to do with health care no it doesn't have to do with microwave ovens secretly recording us. It has to do with food. And they get a bunch of would you rather questions regarding food out OK curious. Sorry inning give mean is this a task that wide one is better results well discount to see how it what what you come up with. You can play along in the car to by the way if you shouting your radio in your car we can hear it. Because we we're also doing some there's a lot of order called wiretap or surveilling going yes OK here's the first one. Would you rather give up. Chocolate. Or candy. For ever met tough. Not that tough for me now. I mean what other kind of candy airy talk again. Well while they're tiny candy and correct and I got to let based Iraq. When I go with getting her to just playing pool in the night renewed chocolate. 73% would give up candy 27% would give up chocolate so were normal like us. Would you rather give up this one's a little closer as far as the results would you rather give up pizza. Or pop stuff wherever. Pasta and a man love both but yeah it did buy presents a positive 45% say pizza. And are now and I have to. I don't know about pizza while really. Would you rather eat everything Haider everything cold. Then I got my wife resisting she knows the answer from me pretty. Hot. Not for me you most people say hot but I you know should be like really could you not put that in the microwave for ten seconds. Yesterday you recalled pop tarts what's wrong with the only a lot of colds would you rather curt would you rather give up fruit or vegetables. Vegetables where there is someone saying like both yeah. The people probably do. Yeah exactly. Most people's 66% say bats balls would you rather eat the exact thing. Every day we're never be able to eat the same thing twice. Depends on you definition. It's like pizza when I make homemade peach that I make. Different every time so don't count so I CT that's good to be adamant technicality this is of pizza with mushrooms and bubble blog is just with yeah. No I think they mean. Like you have that and then it's gone Billick could run out of stuff to eat. You know moon. I think I would be the same thing I'm nick. When you had to kind of do atoms. When I was a kid I had Turkey sandwich everyday from lunch and now you have a Turkey sandwich how many easily trumps only six days okay.