Aaron Loves Bucky

Wednesday, January 3rd

Aaron Rodgers was spotted at a Badger basketball game in Madison Tuesday night. Jonathan & Kitty wonder why he’d want to be in Wisconsin when the temperature was colder than Lambeau Field’s empty parking lot during the playoffs.  


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Aaron Rodgers updates I'm just moving on our anti a lot of the colonels or anything like that. And we'll talk when Aaron Rodgers out. These updates have nothing do with his healing collarbone Rogers is apparently dining at Gray's restaurant in Madison last night. And then went to the badger basketball game. LSU is the basic game first and grace later I have known for defending each time early. I really stood out here it's freezing airing penny you have money you can go anywhere and you is hanging out the use shown on screen at the basketball game with Ian golfer Andy North. We did it I just shot and I made. And I got some tickets seceded bad I was and I you'll if anybody saw him at the game because I'm sure a lot of our listeners were at that basketball game and I asked Saddam FaceBook nobody. Made any comment but they nobody's listening they clicked like they're like that he does at the banter came within NASA as a he'll give fair what the hell he's doing here right. Going to imagine Waldman why now with Andy North go watch the Golden State Warriors or something I mean my god. Don't every charm I walked to my car like I have to be here because I have a wife and family. Otherwise I'd be gone for a while. Yeah. I goodness anyway good job aired so and then there are BI then there was another report this on animal rocky journal sentinel yacht that's said that Aaron Rodgers is has a new girlfriend. And apparently dating race car driver Danica Patrick. I don't know if that's a good plan. While they might actually be dating by they were spotted dining or Rogers favorite restaurant. Which is called shy and this will echo. Which is green the threat by Green Bay. Witness said the two were kissing and reportedly all over each other I. Who does that who goes to a restaurant and make shout at the restaurant. Well unless they are doing yeah high school must yeah. Unless they are doing it on purpose so that they but why would they want attention I don't know why they're like yell let's make out and then we'll see garbage ends up in the paper there. For the same reason he was in Madison last night and daddy are dead I don't know. You can go anywhere we Danica Patrick. No disrespect to chives I'm sure it's a lovely restaurant just the many and it looked like get there's no tasty options there there are there are small plates medium plates and large plate as he's cleaning out his locker for the end of the season what may be. The jury summons to do that for you prove I'm sir that he doesn't he want to but apparently he loves going to chives a guy. Not the one indoor counting the one in banks for a he likes to go to restaurants have only one word in the beginning jives Tyler and praise yeah. Sustain. I mean they can make up cities in Danica Patrick I can make up that. 830 she's made and how it's very easy but is she ate dinner that night nearly reportedly according to a bystander. Who didn't have a phone. To take a take it Sarah Jeremy was being held Danica Patrick. What yeah I don't know. Becoming mostly sunny only hit like that really short Lyle Lovett impersonator that always shows up in Madison. When I doesn't rain in town and he's eating noodles are you happy are. Over our half an hour before the show you there's a lot delicately and mess and he signed diagrams and so I maybe wasn't even Aaron Rodgers. I don't think Aaron Rodgers is at the gala last night I saw the pitcher that was really there Rochus and right now not a subordinate a high of eleven we're expecting some sun and if you want to meet for lunch today. Let's go to ran. Here's how a work conference.