And We Digress

Thursday, August 2nd

Jonathan & Kitty were talking about the weird food items at the Wisconsin State Fair, when the conversation veered off into a direction no one would have expected.

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Analyst doesn't state fair kicks off today in west Dallas and you're probably wondering if they have any new or weird food items O available. They do. You could try brought shows. He's which sounds a little like Iraq shows which means strong in Spanish but it is welcome the and brought shows potato chips covered with beer cheese and top with chunks of bratwurst and they brought shows would be delicious if you're Barack jam. And had to make it camel burgers. Why money. Do they ask you one number two when you order your burger. There's deep fried turn ducking in on a stick. But we don't know what a camel burgers which is leaving it it's made out a camel is it really camel me ask for real. Then there's deep fried cured duck in on a stick which is. The chickens tucked in Hewitt ducked stepped into a Turkey in and on a stick but I feel like they should put that stake in a toothpick in its drop usually speaking out again had known at straws those are already politically correct now. For the really adventurous at the state fair this is something he can get an I really hope BK's. I hope that people who go to the state fair eat some of the stuff and post the picture on the Jonathan Kindle page because. I just find it hilarious when is it and I this one is ants on a state. Let's just like raising now known and now it's delicious cranky pants. Stuck to an add doubles to. Yeah I think it eking hit that it just Turkey so I guess with a side of beef jerky I feel like the Children's Museum brought in chocolate covered. I'm sure they did you know men and check their you know now here cover a much chocolate they got to be good that this doesn't mention chocolate. Here's something to think about. Highlights Lindsey's like. Heats coastline like so much that if I. Yet if I'd have caused on the house and be like. In a special place in the refrigerator like it can't eat it near her. Thank you just grosses her out so OK but years ago when she was in China eight scorpion and a stick without. Without it took a hike up you better get any sense. It's a texture thing. I think really at the thought of the texture. It's the coast of gross you out to know Lila I used to not liking because it made me sick to my stomach by it I mean I might be I think cut but I think my digestion I learned to chew better now. I I don't mind it I like the kind with lots of sugar yes KFC. Coles last really good and sadly my mom worked at KFC for awhile after her job at the phone company was ended you know because of moving ahead in technology make it in the accurate is it exactly. And she was telling me how much sugar they had to pour into the Cole slaw and it was intense. It is like no wonder it's so current. He was just in Tennessee get sick of it then sometimes something you love if you're around too much you know she didn't last they're very line I wanna hear the sad reason why my mom was like inner like my age what I am right now. Was okay KFC yeah the chip to where the law have to you know remember but. Somebody came in. And she in China ups sell them by saying you want Fries with that like someone from the KFC corporate and she got canned for not saying now. You're kidding because she was figuring if they wanted Fries they order Fries. Is that real it's real and one in my brother's. Friends was her manager and had to fire. See now this story that your brother told me. Once it's your brother sometimes unite chatter on the phone of course he said that your mama's actually stealing the detail but they tell you that it was up up. Up sell yams while PM my mom. Couldn't even tell lie to protect me from finding out about a slumber party is stealing from the till camp probably know that's a terrible story that I know it started out good.