Bacon Envy

Tuesday, September 19th

A cautionary tale about why you shouldn’t steal food from a stranger’s plate.

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So I missed a news story today nice way to pass along before it's considered old OK he's I'm sure everyone will be talking about it. Right so we need to be first because I here's the headline and it's the best headline I've seen today. Snatched bacon. Leads to Waffle House arrest. Would you like to know more. Oh man. An argument over stolen bacon and Waffle House you're like smoke. And put the pin. Oh lead in their estimates when he year old man for disorderly intoxication and Corning. Okaloosa county sheriff's office reports beyond by the way Okaloosa counties in Florida and I the mansion vacant office strangers plates. And aided in front of her. Chipped. It to you when the victim told them he needed to replace the bay again. Pain they might bake and I mean more baking and he demanded more food. I wonder why more Rommel you make now why are you now alma one near toast. Of the CS dinner. To move away to more normal. But he refused. Other patrons stepped in and defender he tried to fight with them. The thing I'm just praying for it because I'm gonna have to put like some sort of alert on my computer so I get updates on this not known how to do that. Is that at some point they release. Like the close circuit. Busy already video watch it happen I mean I'm sure a Waffle House in Destin Florida has cameras. We so I mean we are right when man audio but we at least have the people stepping in and yes sir. What is superior flavor. Program and Merritt shows. Six and not something tastes. I always challenged my team smarter or are you at that particular. It's delicious. That is. I mean I've won eighty things off the people's plates I didn't. Day avenue. And yes. When you walk by is assigned thought up some remote are about how would you mean just eat French Fries up that plate. Thank you know your way and you don't remember a story I told you by the time I. Now I am telling you. There's a real real story it's a real it's a real story and it actually happened okay he can be a story and not have happened it would still be a story right. Gonna this is something happen and I was that the country kitchen. On the north side of Steve's point and after buyers though boy friend Donna there was a really misled the country kitchen. After him after all we I don't must've been a scene I was sirens are there this trial is allow this south point restaurant after buyers. It was probably an eighty's or early ninety is the Travis. And we humor that we were there and Wayne for our. Orders for our breakfast you know 3 o'clock in the morning show ever and it's taking forever some places JAM oh. And then I see how much money grave shift to work has been a source and I don't. People are crushed then whale group and people were sitting there and they are eating already in the sky was like not eating East Coast at all to sitting there on a play. And I just said. Excuse me I eat and eat that's hosts. I'm starving easily hello go ahead and only those Syria yeah I asked permission I thought to drugs could soon be he was he that's roses are for hours you're in if that person was here well they just brought my food. Right and I was general I asked and I got the toast and then of course my food came right away by it. And my future sister and mom was like oh my god I'm marrying into this.