Baggage Hack Fail

Thursday, January 18th

A guy had an unusual plan for getting around airline baggage fees. It did not go well. Jonathan & Kitty carry on about this important subject.

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So. You know we've all trying to cut corners on things ranked try to beat the system. If you can yeah I mean that's what everybody tries strength when he when he can't. There is a guy who was in Iceland flying back to London was trying to beat the system and it really did him in the bot. Com the guy's name is his real name is Ryan Carney Williams but he goes by Ryan Hawaii put an already awesome. Any was in Iceland going back to his home in London. And you know the baggage fees man. There's so expensive these days Renoir are definitely you know if if you're gonna actually check something you can be super expensive did and then there's the people try to bring something on board and that always turns into a challenge. So this guy was trying to bring some demand Borodin was a really gonna work so. He had an idea how hot. Instead of checking his bag he decided that he would become his back. What meaning he would take out all the clothes and put the mind. So. You is wearing extra like he pairs of pants I believe it was. And ten shirts. How else fit over one another you'd almost think someone have to be in larger sizes right or I mean I guess maybe some of them which he sure is but first of all. I looked at how long the flight is about two hours and fifteen minutes so. It three hours flying time plus sitting on the plane plus once you're getting off the plane that's a lot of time. And I feel like this much is I'd want to skip the baggage fee I feel like the minute I would sit down and be settled in my seat like that happening which. When you look up let's get to use the bathroom I used unzip almost pain that's what's not a. No matter how much images and yes so they refuse him access to the flight eighty was very irritated. Which I don't know I should be real about it then yeah I mean maybe there is no I'm not sure he was a security risk from heaven on too many shirts writer is in knowing into the passenger next rumor I'm not sure what the real problem we've but here's the part that's the real rip off for him. And ends up really bugging him in the bus so he didn't get out mass flight and then BA said all right we'll get you on another flight so they got MI and an easy jacked. And that flight the pilot heard what had happened. And then said no you can't come on board high and so they just didn't item I think at this point he was willing to just be. Regularly closed right but then they denied him and they and what a harsh tax from easy Janet said I'm sorry to hear about your experience with British Airways and ourselves Ryan. Although we are not in a position to comment on the actions of British Airways. The captain for your easy jet flight was made aware of what had happened the previous day. Because of this the captain took the decision to offload do you from the flight. Because of this I'm afraid we can offer you a refund for your booking under our terms and conditions click here so. Wow I know so so he doesn't his money back and get to fly anywhere right and so that this thing now for me I'm always now I didn't realize the pilots have that power. So you gotta be careful. No one knows that he or no if you're if you're full if you're flying and they have the right to refuse boarding that anyone had any reason maybe that doesn't seem right and then it seems like you know if you don't make any jokes with the pilot. Not even like a safety joked just something like a fly boy will want to play you know the pilots a packer fan and you're wearing a bears Jersey ready Jack I knew from. You know admission to the airplane. Although I think he would enjoy that when she huh ha ha ha ha popped up. Hey yeah. They let let me and the delay and why I'm embarrassed out now I'm worried. Because my best friend's husband is a pilot he's a bears fan so. Go the other way as well.