Be Kind Rewind

Tuesday, January 30th

Jonathan & Kitty shed a tear for one of last Blockbuster Video Stores closing its doors.

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And it's an and at an air a giant then the in Texas. The very last standing. Blockbuster video store. What it has close it was open still it was it closed last week it open for a liquidation sale on Saturday. How and now. Speed and now it's officially closed apparently there are some other not blockbuster still out there there's one in or again and a few in Alaska as well. Cook. I mean I guess here in Madison there's still Forestar video haven't which is amazing but. It is funny thinking about the concept of what we had not that long ago and in fact our friends at the onion. Did a parity of this saying that there's a museum where you got it all. General go to one of those museums for the people are churning butter and they're dressed up PL like an old world Wisconsin got old world Wisconsin exactly. So the onion did they pay parity saying that instead of old world Wisconsin. There is a blockbuster video museum. Where you go in see what life was like for people and they're recreating the experience or act MM back like I'm looking at the video right now and it says in quote to Brenton was the only way to obtain movies in the past. And that may have like. The actors in the blockbuster video museum like this woman. I am a blockbuster customer needs cash. Where in the company sunshine is simply you have just harnessing uncertainty. When you get to the blockbuster I think you have your video to someone else superintendent mr. realignment of the alarms gonna sound. Who could never knew what cumulative up. But I think about it when you which ride to the video star running your movie would be there. Right and the other staying out of the talks about it and that onion parody but the other thing that was so. Difficult yes during those times yes we had to rent a video yes kids we had a tough. Get this thing is like going to video store with someone on my and I use a movie and to agree on one. Forget it right there was how good. This may well then iffy if you if you got your way and you renting your movie right and then it was bad. It was like you never got to privileges. That so it happens you never movie again asked. I I did that quite a few times where you know it's like never heard this movie in my entire life. But it's Christopher Walken. It must. Big you can't well and the other thing I don't know if you did its threat pet pad that the video star. Where there'd be that phase we're OKC go to the new movie section and you guys can agree on that. Then you move over to. Who can pick the movie that they seem to convince someone else that it's so good right. You know while you never seeing raising Arizona c'mon it's great I love that I'll watch it again. Right you know and they still hate it yeah. Those are in movie did you so yeah I made her watch stuff. How did you hate that that's a great movie but Lindsay and never CNET Ali never seen raising Arizona. And then you're two of some things in common than annoy me. Hot hot hot hot. And it's like there's no escape from this now I don't sorry.