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Monday, August 6th

Kitty Dunn chats with Tami Fleming, Volunteer Coordinator at The Beacon, a day resource center helping people experiencing homelessness In Dane County.

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This is a weekend perspective I can be done and that of homelessness or people experiencing homelessness. Is not something that just happens in the big cities it happens everywhere including right here in Madison and at one organization and has. Is made a big asked her to help the people who are experiencing homelessness. Yet a home and get their lives back on track. And we're joined by Tammy Fleming who is the volunteer coordinator with that peak in. I think having him. Are at first of all before we talk about all the good things that the beacon is doing. You've been involved with helping homeless people for quite a long time he founded the friends of the State Street family. Several years back so you've been you've been doing this and it's been party your life for along time. Describe the situation any here in Madison when it comes to homeless people. Well we. Didn't give them an extra I'm like yeah I'm all locked in place I mean. You might see from all the people who have lost obviously I want you know the downtown area that. But if people who Larry you don't get a court that the number of people who are almost an act and our children. I'll leave that we have gambling feel that battle until about an apartment for a and at least feel out of those folks here at the peak and five Cadillac people who will hold regular job that her homeland and I'm because so man it's 2% vacancy rate it takes a lot of people a long time. Can get an apartment to the traditional if they have anything in their rental histories that not perfect now. That's a little bit different with back then I'm compared to somebody other cities. But then as now housing first city which is and then nearest I have limited. Initiates. And that has made a huge difference for. A lot of people experiencing chronic homelessness here I think people have known partied or more years. And how it's over the last several years that and how they've had had a great move green about it except for that. I am. What does that mean that Madison is a housing first city. Well I think first and it is a concept that people who. Are chronically homeless. That maybe I have no ability to. Beat the papal apartments are rented apartment on their own. Crackle crackle homeless people are people who people who euphoric. You know several times over the course of a couple of years or four. And summer months they do the things that. Call to be expedited fact is. A questionnaire that read how many. Madeleine how many months they've been homeless and it it measures how they risk factors there for staying home last. Com and so. Scored. Will determine who that the capitalist from the people with so worse score at that people worm. Less likely to get how somehow one. Get placed in an apartment I'm. And they don't have to have a means compete Torrey yet what happened that they were placed an apartment. And then caseworkers were quick on Q either can't employment are. Be able to rule. I have someone. You know to get help them apply for a Social Security income that that's appropriate interview wraparound services to help that person because. There's cavaliers Jules chronicle at the white one as. They've almost first on his son do. Full. It it really comprehensively to help someone and it actually really really much more responsible to do it that way because. It's so much cheaper to how it's people who are hallmarks and had to leave them home. Let it go hide numbers are somewhere between forty and 60000 dollars a year per person. And housing for a person to the public is is about a tenth of that. Well it's it's so much more thoughtful way and much more humane way because so far been obsessed behind it in fact. I would need help from Hendrick stable housing they're like it's much easier for them to make appointments to get to adapt to state. You know he tackled queen's QB in the shower on a regular basis. And do the things that they need cheap people function. And it Java Internet or in society a homer and be able to take care issues that they've been chuckling lack. We're talking with Tammy Fleming from the peak in gay resource center here in Madison so volunteer warning Nader there. Now the mission of the begin is to address the causes of homelessness not just put somebody in after in the house it goes further than and you kind of mentioned that a little bit but where there's so many things that the peak in its doing is it really. On it seems like hope shines here which is you're saying. Really is true. A lowly do you have a lot of services we offer for people the first floor with to collect from the first for a verse service says I'll. For basic human needs food to show our laundry. Eakins and people can get mail here that you use the phone for free without her basic information resource they're. And then the second floor of our facility has all these very agency is I'm afraid that people really needs to be connected puke. And having them here on one place out. Makes her so much capture app makes the situation. I'm that they and so much easier to elect when they can just go from room to room upstairs in our facility. Expect to see the VA or briar patch or unity part how they're hilarious our food share Salvation Army works right educator. Ford's service corporation for employment community action collection. And we have so many amazing partners here. That that really make you. The process of getting a public event. I'm Tate the traffic is really group tracks because there are several parts and pieces you know Q to what content homelessness and what will help a person get off the streets act. Having them all in place it's really helped out a black people move forward quickly factored in the first. Six months of this year we have a 185 people get jobs and family once powerful house. I'm in locale because you don't basic needs being mad and then be able to get to these services. Quickly. And efficiently and said it hadn't spent all day reading about from one point to another. I'll see if they could get about half past. We also have a large computer appear on site and several meetings rooms beside the opposite that are shared by elf are. Partner agencies while it's really a one stop shop. And and we're grateful to our partner agencies are making that possible. And full accounting of the city immediately. We're talking with Tammy fat Fleming from the peaking in the here in Madison. Help being. People experiencing homelessness. And one of the things that when I was reading about this being put together I thought like. What a small thing but to have laundry facilities so they can have clean clothes like just a small thing like that can make such a huge difference. Check out I mean it's awful hard for someone to get a job if they don't have clean. I suspect if fact it's a terrible thing for dignity to not be able to have something you'd put on an have to be at rush hour. So. So each of the provide those things that's really out positive experience for driver volunteers we it's funny shower area. A lot of times out get out showers are private we can hear people say he's in the foreign. That don't make it because if it held me back a little bit of privacy give people a little bit of dignity and that makes them happy. So Tammy you're also involved and one of the founders of the friends of the State Street family going out on these food runs and doing all the stuff. For people who are homeless. How should it interest in this what opened up your hearts to these people. I'm actually I was volunteering at Saint Mary's in the emergency room and then we'll let spotted with a lack. And she lived up out of me and very physically. And I'm somewhat reality and crank that and I sat attacks she came in alone she just broke my heart. And it's why go for the both spiritual swift kick in the have a you know something is just terribly wrong with that woman who's so far have all. Could be complex. And I decided it do something about it and and they kind of sprang from actually the next day at certain Google acknowledged that the match at France and I'm talking with other people that is we ended up bringing food that's two of I'm State Street is not that much longer after that and and became food land them and we became streak that reach and now we have seventeen was going out one each day of the week unless. Yeah doctors and nurses and social workers felt so lots of volunteers on them to help people aware of act and just survive until they're able to. Exactly so now that you're volunteer coordinator at the peak in what kinds of volunteers. Are you looking. Four. Volunteers over eighteen I'm you know breaking the volunteer that people who. I'm willing to adjust well look that's clean and help and real practical way. Com and you know the nice thing about. Being able to do these tactical things people that we see the results of that work because. I'm pretty quickly because you know people come back people into their jobs there that process like for an interview militia while Amanda come back and let it now are. Elect now won their work and how they end up come back how excited are you to get we get our apartment in two weeks Kelly didn't you know about saying. They think volunteers all the time for doing their laundry here far. Server and food are doing anything to help. And a lot of our estrogen so appreciative of of any little thing that we do it that sounds. It's a very heartwarming news and a good way to spend your day. All armed we we have people here who volunteer to react and ask them to you laundry Q on our program to serve in the army food. Two on the computer lab. To help with kids in the family very with a completely separate area for families with small children. All I can help with a cast in defining a resource that Saddam. There's there's some opportunities and we could potentially have twenty volunteers here at days seven days a week trainer 65 days a year. If we couldn't tell me how would have space for more actually do an orientation and our training. For people every Friday morning from nine until lap and that people can just got it on. It could be and. And the beacon is located at should probably tell people where it is it says 615 east Washington avenue and and and there are many challenges that you had then me like things that you didn't expect would happen and then you've had a like go through the growing pains to deal with at the weekend. Well we've we've really grown a lot in the past month actually we've gone from an average. Before the month average of about a 180 people. Target that would would drop in album and owl were at 230 relatively change out our other fat and so we're having more demand how to act services more food necessary. And felt that that was a little bit of a surprise hit blatant effort silly year volley but opened six and October 16. So it's great we have somebody asked and and the volunteers and carry it is so terrible we're going to get well look at it makes in the work. They're donations that you're looking for I'm sure money would be helpful but other things that are helpful. Yeah money into Alex health club that he digital radio also in high donation to all of looking for. Other people travel a lot and they have poured how to diet hygiene products are perfect far. Our volunteer program are far volunteer the shower per and it's sorry. And that's how we also look for Rangers in Kyoto grand. New underwear. Really practical things that people just need to function each day and if they cleaned then and anfield and feel good. Alphonso any candidate they would like to donate any theory you know or 830 breakfast items such a thing. We really don't have funding for a bank have been able to provide regulate fact that the land a different groups bringing lunch each each day of the week. That's interesting so different organizations. Like sign up for a day and then they help. That how that works. Yeah yeah we have come from that do it every week and then on Sunday we have. Opening for a different groups become an N and provide lunch now. And and week out so I meant Atlanta some I'm not able to provide lunch for over 200 people that came to help and of dot cared about group that. We do you have groups that's the provided Monday through Saturday on a regular basis ourself fortunate kick out. I'm small churches and groups said that how many you know. Tammy Fleming with the beat in Dave resource center here in Madison and hope shines here. As they help people. Who are experiencing homelessness. What's the best way to people confined no more information in our media find out how to volunteer what. And if things are looking. Right we're we're glad like our it's WWW beacon how dot org. Ari can call you can call about your court to be the only. Typically in 1960 CO2 to ask the court made of integrity and sell. If you think you'd like to drop off would be happy for. I think when you up like a good coupons are good big sailing you don't maybe have kids that eats cereal anymore perhaps some boxes and bring him to have beaten. I don't think electric. I Temi Fleming with the beast in that thank you so much for taking time. Snaps and thanks for all the paperwork he Q. Kitty and thank you for listening for weekend perspective I'm kitty done.