Bears Fans' Lament

Monday, September 10th

The Packers comeback victory over the Bears broke Jonathan's heart, and reminded Kitty of a Russian novel. Because of course it did.

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We're still suck. The this is what we're paid to do you know we're paid to it. To deal with. Injuries and players room considered but his own movie doing throughout this season. Yeah he's say elapsed yes. Aaron Rodgers congratulations packer nation what more in my supposed to do I'm trying to be a good sport today how is it fair that the only. Part of the game that you watched is the part where the bears fell apart and the only part of the game I watched is where the Packers looked horrible and hearing got her it's amazing how they how that. Does that say something about us and our. Just our mode Joseph has them come symbolism there I didn't if if this were us. A novel by Thomas hired maiden. Well that I can ever know. You know and that tests of the deer rebels on my mind okay. I don't know what the symbolism would be but it would prefer Russian novel always mean. Like just stay at ski. Yeah well. You're asking the wrong guy he wanted to. Talk about defense schemes that can do that how fair is it I mean now it is pretty funny because Katie went to bed. At halftime. Saw I saw was horrible illness and then. And I Aaron. You know heard again going off on carts. And then my dream is all night were of apocalypse. And doom. And the end of the tees are kidding she really felt yeah I think you and John the lord knew his tire covering the end of the world in it yet because that's what we would definitely enjoy I would give us inner ears of the world really fresh. Let me tell you kitty if the world was ending I definitely be committed to one of five by triple out I mean yes the driver out to around a little Pinto. Trying to cover getting your news from people so yeah you missed it I missed the first half because who is Russia Shana so we're having. Jewish holiday dinner but I was checking my phone I'm like. There are up but I knew it. Deep in my heart I honestly I knew it. He's. We hear about her packer fan and I am knew it was gonna have backers would win. And I I was not how I really thought once he came back so like you know an end I also had to put the kids to bed I was like. Who quietly looking in my phone and I'm like well route seventeen I think this is great and my father in law tax me. Dream first half for the barest. And then we didn't have any communication till after the game and I said nightmare second half of the canal zone we need it. But anyway you light and easy Monday for all you packer fans go to work feeling good. Everything's nice and called us yet this morning's Chris that there friend from howling noticed on FaceBook that he was he at a game. I'd still be there. Are more likely the guy who is dressed up did you see that guy I didn't see it. But dressed up like Ditka I got the mustache in the cigar and everything in the old bears sweater in the stands now Imus that's progress that. So tomorrow I actually have seen this is the worst now here's another thing just for me to be tortured. I have. Tomorrow I have a massage scheduled and I have been lamenting and I've been looking forward to it. Our bottom of that tension now my massage therapist whose excellent. Is a huge Packers fan so like she will not hold back as she's. Working out one not to create another. I'll tell that the tip will be with how. Depending on her mentioning the Packers and I made some won't do it to say we're like a Russian novel and that I had a man known that's what I said.