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Wednesday, June 14th

Jonathan & Kitty chat with two performers from "Beautiful: The Carole King Musical"


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1055 triple and the sound of Madison it's Jonathan Mann kitty in the morning and kitty and I both had a chance to go see awesome musical an overture center beautiful the Carole King story. We actually sat next to each other usually try to put up a bumper completely ignored each other we did not perfect but although we can argue sometimes one thing that we both loved was this play and it was absolutely incredible it's. Amazing I thought you knew a lot about Carole king and all the songs that she wrote. But I had no idea I mean neither I mean so many of the things that that she had put together that was a love that song she. We couldn't get me and we're lucky enough to have some of the members of the show here this morning bearing man this hearing he plays band. You just glad I got a hat backwards and upon how is there is Terry plays Barry meant to be interesting if you Berry was here and OK okay. Let's start off with you first of all you have some experience on Broadway you what we're in new disease write an original Broadway OK so. I'm going from Broadway and then touring around the country. It's got to be a different vibe and different field. Well it definitely is a different feel you know people come from all over the world to come to Broadway and that's really special but there's also something really cool about bringing a show. To the people you know bring you showed to the hometown there's a lot of hometown pride ever Rego and it's cool to see how different parts of the country. Receive the show and how they live Inman what's fun to do there now. Absolutely let's talk about your character as I just turned you into bearing man yeah. So that the he's part of another writing duo who was kind of friends but competing with Carol Kane. And Jerry golf and Bryant and his character now. Can be significant other Mike said that that was his favorite care. Its favor on in the show goes yellow. An interesting character a little bit of a hypochondriac that's right. Well you know at his core he's an artist he's a perfectionist and he's he's kind of like me you know I'm a freelance actor and I'm always trying to be better analyst competing with my friends. And I think he's. He's very similar to that and yes he is a hypochondriac and he's got some neuroses but we all do and he's I I try and play that with. As much truth is I can you know just. So it doesn't feel like a caricature or anything like that. But yes it's really fun role and like you said there. At their song writing team and they were prolific songwriting team they Rhode you lost the love and feel in and we got to get out of this place and walking in the rain and missed hit after hit. Yeah and it's crazy and a lot of those I didn't know and what was so cool in the musical is you you. Would he like here's a little something we're working on and then it's a classic site and notably with the story. Behind the music you know use these songs are just so perfect to the year but there's a whole story behind them you know there was a hole struggled to to get that perfection. Yet with that hold the Brill Building is where is the place where all these different songwriters richest. Second little room is trying to crank out songs and and so many great ones came from there right it was it's it was a very equal time for music. Absolutely okay now. Very nice now remove the microphone over. Tim mead a lot of mills who view you have a couple different rules regarding the show. Number one all the choreography. Now you you've got to like handle that which is pretty serious stuff yeah it's it's. Pretty funds that's CU our choreographer Josh prince had some pretty beautiful intentions for this now and my job is to Kenny keep it intact here and there because Satan so weak people. Things can get away from union habits can creep in and it's completely subconscious you don't even know that it's happening. The year doing something not exactly right you're saying we as somebody especially the drifters and surrounds they work so tightly together that and it's such specific reactor he. And it's a little bit and more intricate and difficult and it my appear with it almost looks kinda so silly and dated a CEO Larry his people don't really. Dance with those you know simultaneous moves that were like. You know turnaround and within their arms around only eight games he had had just Princeton a lot of research and and kind of added that Bradley is as that we all love. A lot of the the Motown folks where has like a school to kind of go to in Detroit and things so they learned how to. The kind of like a performing arts high schoolers and dynamic and singing acting and dancing all altogether it had hit incorporated and into the numbers silly to had to bring that to life as much as possible. And and then here and there are things can shift because here. You get into the groove of things that the houses that we go to new things we'll start to come creep into your body that feels really nice to do individually. So my job is to kind of pop out at a house having on again and be like that iron that only. But feels like Madison thing there yeah. Now you also have the role of understudy of several of the characters. In the night kidding aside you played Carole king's Maher I debt yes and a wonderful job now you also understudy for. The Carole King. I do and Cynthia awhile and then the two on some ladies and yeah hopefully nobody sick at the same time. You know what has happened. Luckily we have two cutters for pretty much everything and he's that happened a while so. And yeah they they have a nice systems set up but it can be quite a diet at the theater system. I'm sure and I'm curious with the when it comes to the understudy brawl like. It always seems like in the movies it's like five minutes before it Kurt he that it happens I mean is that if there ever happen. You outlet it has kind of happened that way and sometimes I went on for carry on and on the show ones that. Kind of angles well yes she wasn't feeling well during the week and I have been on for her and then you know you never wanna be out. Six from your job so she tried to come back and and it just she wasn't quite ready and and so I had and kind of beach house time in the middle so that she can go get better and while walking down the show must go I yeah. That's crazy and I also feel like for an understudy. You have to know so many roles. Right inherited the other actors who kind of get I mean I know when you're on the stage you and everyone sort of knows the lines of the other people on the stage of them. But still you have so many different ones. I. You know I just it was just a lot of repetition in the name. I would stick to one person for awhile and not at and I've been with it from the beginning of this tour so I would. Sitting rehearsal and watch one person for a long time and right blocking and with that and mine who. And then they're backstage stuff is where it starts to get a little crazy like running around them what kind of class and you're gonna put on and when. So that staff had to be really that's the set I really had to study and kind of go through like if I know I'm going to be Carol that's mostly when I'm going through more so than man. On onstage staff and my songs and more thinking cocaine and I have to go see you try it and we. Osama on the other her. But it's an absolutely incredible show on I believe there may still be some tickets up for and I hope people get a chance to see it and band. You mumble wrap this up in just a second here but yeah you're the first one to do it on the road right to be this character or where there. Yeah via. Could throw from Broadway to the rockets and has it goes like we've had other musicals come obviously a lot of characters change so it was kind of you're like Rhode BB sort of like. If someone else peasant in the future you'll be like they're not doing their. I assume you mean I I don't think I am I definitely have all on feel ownership over my version of of the character but. I know there are other people out there that do that to a brilliantly. Like the the guy who originated the role is nominated for a Tony award nom for his performance shared Specter is amazing. On and I do something. Sort kind of different than he does but it's true to me and I know that all the other guys that are gonna play this role in the future pounds deep are gonna do it treated them. And so there's you can't really argue with that but I do of course you know feel some ownership of literal I love this role it's written so well. And you know I spent almost two years out on the road with that so you know if I feel close to a. Remember homers and my own home bloggers I'm from Cleveland Ohio and I spent the last time you saw the car better over its ability I guess I. Guys will thank you so much for coming in this morning we appreciate it is a fantastic showing even if if you don't. Know the music of Carole King you'd do I think there's there's so many songs and wouldn't you agree to ala definitely it's a really fun show has got a good story to oh absolutely guys thank you so much thanks for having us.