Beer that tastes like WHAT?

Tuesday, April 3rd

Jonathan & Kitty chat about Bud Light’s new orange flavored beer, which naturally transitions to a conversation about Mogen David wine and Kitty’s childhood.

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And up from the world of beer yes sort of beer okay. A new Budweiser products is coming out. Where it kind kitchen gas. So at some flavor. About circus peanut. While you are so close am I really. Bud Light orange. Oh my god series. And apparently tastes like a mix of Bud Light and orange soda I mean there's parity line he's orange Shandi and almost Sandy's that rank are. There's an orange and you from them at that there's just well there's lemons she and is great effort Shandi. You bad sampler mixers all kinds of women there men make a suggestion orange isn't that bad with a whiny skinny but I'm not a huge. And Summers sandy they don't have now whenever they don't have winter she handy now yeah. But. It means more and it's basically beer mix of lemonade so this is like a bug light Sheen Indy. You know can I make recommendation people when I think they would really enjoy. And if you're if you're dabbling in this kind of stuff I think 'cause I'm enjoying it now during businesses you know passover. I always forget every your how'd deliciously. Bad. The man a sham it's a mole game David blindness the Jewish wine. It's like grapefruit juice. And it's so I mean I think they should that they need to market it. Throughout the year for non Jews as well. I don't know we arrested I didn't I never knew Moog and David does was specifically. For Jewish people my lunches during passover now intuit wall my mom what it was in this group called this her sewing club where that I ladies and get together at someone's house every month that was kind of the precursor of the book club shirt today so. Like two ladies and bring like something's in and our manager Dana most of them didn't and it's like reading the boy oh yeah it would do MI and our house says super exciting Jeremiah is. We had snacks which we normally never had done and then there was the Moog and David and my mom will let me have experts are. Should give me like this 7UP or whatever with flight to drop still get purple and I mom was so excited. Weight cutting edge so she did the book club before the book club and rested and they did even so just like how people don't read the books for book club. Try belts so they were ahead there and this idea of people drinking Morgan David on a regular basis. She was ready all bottoms shoes guardian of desperate sense yeah like so wine coolers kind of thing. While for her child who was three. Yeah but it's. I'm not only in Davidson that it's great so I've got to remember the taste limited so deliciously bad around a now some end. And we got I mean it's like he comes in a gigantic. Bottle. When you socially drink every day it's a thing I don't know I have been you've been should be I had some this morning. When you go until the it's just really for the passover say they're for two days but we had some left over like last night. At dinner in view on the Logan didn't. As many shots it's it's a thing. She's sure so very aired during game it's like great virtues as your mom would have been tested by. 7UP just before bad. A couple of floppy that's so great did she give it to you it's perfect I just felt so classy that and I just felt like put some ice cubes and I know admitted out.